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    Can a person character be judged based on the slogans on their T-shirt?

    As I am a keen observer and some times I used to read the slogans on the T-shirts which are worn by men and Women some are very real motivational quotes like 'Never Give up', 'Some times elimination will give you the best result', 'Be strong when you are weak Brave when you are Scared And Humble when you are victorious' e.t.c and some are really naughty like fcuk, Do n't see me here, 'Love you' e.t.c. Do we adjudge the character of the person based on the quotations or writing on their T-shirts?Do Dressing style have an immediate impact and estimate what kind of other person is?Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    I am of the opinion that we can't judge a person by the dressing or the words on the dress.
    All politicians wear white and clean clothes. White indicates plainness. But how many politicians are plain and simple.
    Earlier days dressing system has a relation to the tradition. But slowly the western culture is started coming in and movies heroines started slowly westernization in their dress code. This has given lot of impact on people especially in youth. They started following them. So different fashions started coming to the society.
    The youth also use these dresses for just getting others impressed. But they don't get any bad intentions or unnecessary thoughts. So I take dressing is just for fashion but not an indication abou the person's intentions.

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    No, I am not in the favour in the opinion to judge a person based on the slogan on his/her T shirt. We should judge a person by his language. The tone of speaking says everything about a person. So, never judge a person by his dress or shoes even by a physical character.
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    I don't think we can judge a person by quotation on his/her T-shirt, although we can get a little bit idea about their choices but we can't judge their whole personality on the basis of these quotation. Sometime a person is very simple in nature but the quotes on his/her T-shirt are very notorious kind which are totally opposite of his/her personality.
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    There is no relation between the two as people just purchase these T-shirts either due to their design or color and sometimes may be an impressive catchy line there.

    These lines are in vogue and commonly available in the T-shirts abundantly available in stores. Sometimes people in a hurry do not mind these lines also and wear it totally oblivious to these lines. I have seen some uneducated poor labour class people wearing old and shabby T-shirts with beautiful lines.

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    Well the slogans written on the T shirt are of merchandise or of a particular brand and that cannot be the attitude and character of the person wearing it. But sometimes the slogans appearing on T shirts find fantasy and pride to wear as it coincides with their thinking line. Some of the T shirts do have good slogans and attracts every one. The which is worn by many has the mention of " Being human" which is a nice message. Some wear T shirts to attract the girls and they have obvious reference to their attitude. But that are seems to be made to order and not available in abundant.
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    To the percentage of atleast 25, this may be correct as people with good nature or soft nature normally hesitate to wear dresses with such slogans of illegal/filthy/inhuman etc., Of course there are some genuine persons without knowing the real meaning of such slogans wear the dress with such slogans.

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