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    Minorities feeling unsecured, intolerant and feared says Mr.Hamid Ansari

    Minorities in the country at present feeling unsecured, intolerant and got feared. It is the comments passed on by our honourable outgoing Vice-president of India during function held in Law college. On what notion he uttered these words during his speech? Is these words indicating the changing situation of the minorities under BJP rule? Will these warning words will affect BJP in any way or will it help Congress to reconcile it's situation in political arena? What are your thoughts regarding this comments.
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    Really I don't understand the words of our outgoing Vice President. Why he has to express his views now. He was the number two citizen in India till yesterday. He had access to President, Prime Minister and all other VIPs. In fact he can all any minister including Prime Minister to his office. He might have taken up at that time with these important people. He is from congress back ground and even the then President was also from congress back ground only. He might have gone to him and discussed with him the remedial measures. If in the country No:2 Citizen is not having that much say, what is the use of these posts.
    As an independent man without any political affiliation even now also he can approach the PM and make him to hear his voice. Why he had not attempted for that.
    Is it correct for a man of that stature to talk like this that too in an educational institution where all young and enthusiastic people were present? Is it not going to raise the tempers of the students when a big man is talking about caste and religion. But he never cared to give even a single incident happened as an evidence for his feelings.
    I take them as baseless and unnecessary remarks to get his image as a noble man spoiled.

    always confident

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    It is unfortunate that he made such a statement.
    Differences in political ideology and religions are responsible for hate, intolerance and conflicts in our country. "Ideology" is a dangerous word. It hurts many.
    Protection of minority community is the responsibility of the majority community, at the same time appeasement of minorities at the expense of majority community is not at all accepted.
    "Sabka saath Sabka Vikas" should be the programme.

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    In India no minority, no religious group, no organisation however small it is, no NGO, no association is suffering. If at all someone is suffering is the poor person who has no means of livelihood and shelter for the night.
    It is ridiculous to say today that a particular group is suffering. In fact all the groups are enjoying with the money given by their supporters.
    If we say that an orphan is suffering or a handicapped person is suffering or a begger is suffering then there is some essence in that statement.
    As on today I do not see any minority in this country. Even the reserved class is not a minority as they are having some priviledges in getting service and job so actually they are the majority. So when there are no minority groups in this country the question of suffering does not arise.

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    I am ashamed that such a blatantly partisan man had been holding a Constitutional post in India for 10 long years. This man doesn't know that a Constitutional post holder can't talk about any particular community. Earlier former President Mr. Pranab Mukherjee also indirectly crticized the Government, but he never directly talked in favour of any community.
    However, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has replied in an excellent and dignified manner. He said that the former Vice-President had worked in middle-eastern countries as a member of IFS. After retirement, his work was confined to a particular group or community. However, during last ten years, he had to work as per Constitution and so he (the former Vice-President) faced some difficulty. Now he would again go back to the group whom he served for such a long time. Dignified reply with sarcasm.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    It is an utterance out of frustration and personal disappointment that he was not chosen for the President's post. Had he been chosen for that he would have certified everything is okay.

    Now it is amply clear that he was not deserving the position he was holding and got it only because of the compulsions of choice under permutation and combinations of religion,geography etc.

    He could have laid down office in a more befitting manner worthy of respect to the position he held. Now he has belittled himself and will remain so in the history and in people's minds.

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    There are enough reasons for the out going Vice President Hamid Ansari to fume at BJP indirectly as he was expecting a promotion as President of India and that has been snatched from his nose and given to Kovind. Every one knows he is the staunch supporter of Congress party and wont leave chance to praise the leadership at different forums and meetings. If he feels that Minorities are not safe, he should have expressed this three years back and should have resigned the post as VP.. Now that he enjoyed the full term, taken salary and perks eligible for him and choose to criticize the same government which tolerated him for all these years. What I feel that people in those stature must bow out with grace so that they get the same respect and devotion from the people of India. Former Presidnet APJ Abul Kalaam was the best example.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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