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    A bird need not fear that the branch was cut because it can always fly. So have trust in you.

    We must take a cue from the birds about their confidence level and the imposing trust they have on themselves. The tree has the broken branch and it is about to fall on the ground and when the bird rests on that need not fear about its falling because it can always fly at any time as the God has gifted it with wings. So with that confidence the birds do take risk in their life for fetching food and for nurturing the small ones. Therefore we must also have the confidence level of the birds so that life can be easy and achievable.
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    Yes it is true. One should have self confidence. Otherwise one can't face any challenges in life. We all should have confidence in our abilities and with that confidence only we should start any work. If we start any work without confidence and half heartedly we may not be successful in that attempt.
    Confidence is required but over confidence should not be there. At the same time we should not underestimate other's abilities also. We all know the tale of hare and tortoise. Hare is having over confidence and underestimated the competitor. Hence hare lost the game.
    For success we should have confidence but not overconfidence.

    always confident

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