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    Jai Jawan and Jai Kisaan

    I heard,this is a slogan coined by one of the Ex. Prime Ministers of India, Mr.Lal Bahadur Sastry.
    In his very small tenure as PM he had to face a war. He understood the importance of both soldiers and farmers for our country and he coined this slogan. We shall appreciate his wisdom.
    Both soldiers and farmers are very important even today also. But unfortunately no political party is caring for these two. Many farmers are dying by committing suicide. They are unable to face the financial problems and going to that extent. No one worried about this.
    Soldiers are sacrificing their lives to keep India independent. Day in and Day out they are at the point of gun of the rivals. They don't know whether they can survive and see their families again. But they continue their service.
    Our the so called MPs and MLAs will get pensions through out their life if they are in that post for 5 years. A soldier has to spend minimum 20 years in service to become eligible for pension.
    Then are we really thinking that Jai Jawan and Jai Kisaan or simply using as a routine
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    Good effort on the part of author and by raising this thread he came to the rescue of many Jawans who feel that the government has left them in lurch. Our soldiers are the back bone of the country and they are guarding us from the evil designs of the enemy countries 24 hours and 365 days without brake. And they have to go through all the ordeals of life and live in pathetic conditions at the borders without proper food and shelter. Having gone through all those ordeals, when it comes to their benefits, they are forced to work for 20 years to be eligible and by the time his prime life is lost. The NDA government which is soldiers friendly must bring new rule so that the Jawans are also eligible for pension after just putting service for five to 10 years and in that case more recruitment in three forces are also possible in future with new infusion of blood of young troops who be charging to attack enemies..
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Srinivasa Rao,

    One of the points that you have presented is incorrect.

    Only officers need to put in twenty years of service, to be eligible for a pension. Other ranks, consisting of jawans, sailors and airmen have to serve a mandatory fifteen years to be able to draw a pension.

    Personnel who join under the Short-service commission are not entitled to a pension.

    Personnel who get boarded out, due to medical conditions (not attributed to the service conditions), before they complete the number of years considered mandatory to draw a pension, do not receive a pension, no matter how hard they have worked.

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    Thanks for your update. I keep corrected
    always confident

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    We Indians are in the poor status of uttering slogan since 1965 without having any development in the agricultural sector but we are very proud in our science and technology in an improved level but useful only for countries other than India, as many wise brains are exported to foreign countries without single paise usage to India. The slogan though notified the military jawans in the first part but it is actually for youngsters (jawans). Lal Bahadur Probably foretell that our youngsters would go to foreign countries without serving for our own. It is equal to a saying in Tamil phrase 'Ani ellaam aadaiyin Pira' which means all jewellary decorating our body is only after the dress that is if one decorated himself with all types of jewells without any basic dress. Like wise we all well advanced in all aspects science and technology, our own Indians are experts in all and many fields expect the paddy field. Our basic wealth of agriculture is heavily ignored and many youngsters are even hesitating to tell themselves as a son of agricultural farmer.

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    Jaiwan and kisan are two most important integral part of any country and until and unless they are taken care of the development will be fictitious.

    Govt has this challenging task of renumerating these two vital constituents of system in an appropriate manner. Though for jawans many schemes have come up but for kisans it is still a long way to go till they get handsome price for their products and get rid of the middlemen who are well known for their timid tricks in supplying the village products to urban markets.

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