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    Other uses of soft drinks

    Soft drinks are very popular among people irrespective of their age. However, the doctors and dieticians always tell us not to consume soft drinks regularly. Soft drinks cause various problems of teeth, pancreas, liver and other parts of the body.

    However, Indian housewives (including my wife) after years of independent research, have found various other uses of soft drinks. I am mentioning some of them:-
    1. Soft drinks can help in subsiding pain of insect bite. Soft drinks should be applied (not consumed) on thee affected place and pain will immediately subside.
    2. If a chewing gum is put on the hair (which we used to do during our student days), some soft drink can be put in that area and the chewing gum can easily be taken out without cutting the hair at that place.
    3. It can be used as fertilizers in garden. Soft drink contains phosphoric acid. If soft drink is spread in the garden occasionally, the growth of plants and trees will be good because of the phosphoric acid.
    4. Soft drinks can be used to remove rust. Soft drink contains phosphoric acid and so it can be very helpful to remove rust.
    5. Soft drink can be used to remove strong stains and stains of blood if it is used along with detergent.

    Members are requested to mention other uses of soft drinks.
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    So from the mentions of the author it is quite clear that every soft drink is having some chemical content to which it can be used for different purpose but the manufacturers claim that soft drinks are soft and no added chemical.
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    Soft drinks can be better used as a mild insecticide and not at all good for drinking. It is of low ph which will increase the acidity problem.
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    The alert of evil products or chemicals containing in the soft drinks are so popular now but even though this status, people are stopping or avoiding the usage of such soft drinks. In many shops and hotels of extreme southern parts of Tamilnadu like Tirunelveli etc., they ae stop selling of the soft drinks in the shop with notifications to consume Buttermilk or Tender Coconut water instead of soft drinks. This is one way a good attitude for protecting our people from health hazards as no manufacturers will correct themselves from their commercial attitude. So, we should stop using such soft drinks instead of gossiping or raising our voice against the manufacturers.

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    Mr. Pattabiraman: Don't you think this particular thread is an indirect campaign against soft drinks?
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    Soft drink contain SODA, for which it is helping to remove rust , but normally it is not ost worthy, no body will purchase a coke by paying Rs 20 to do bathroom clean, although in many videos we have seen that Coke is being used, but that is just to show the characteristics of the Coke.
    Practically it is not possible.
    And about removing chewing gum,it is because of when it is clod, in other way a small piece of ice also can remove the chewing gum easily. And yes this is very much true that by taking high quantity of soft drink it disturb our acid in body and causes various problems like weak in bone, lost of appetite etc. So try to avoid taking soft drinks instead of that My favorite drink is salted lassi ( which is good in taste as well as healthy for appetite and increase our metabolism.)

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    Here is an honest confession. I was 'addicted' to Cola drinks, until quite recently. And I had an order of preference - Thumbs Up, Coca Cola and Pepsi. I could tell one from the other, just by tasting the drinks. Pepsi was rather sweet.

    I have always relied on these drinks to pep me up. Even today, when, I am out of the house for long hours I crave for an ice-cold cola drink. If I have a headache or a tummy upset I take a cola drink rather than popping a tablet.

    My husband always jokes - when I am unwell he asks if he should get me a coke. Going to the doctor is always the second option!

    We must remember that Cola drinks were initially marketed as medicine.

    The uses that you have mentioned have been around for decades and might not be the discoveries of Indian Housewives, as you have asserted.

    Find attached a snapshot of a page from an old book.

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