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    Which method to follow at present-Sur name first or last name first?

    In the past where there is no computer knowledge we used to register our names in different ways, in some place Sur name first or our real name first and Sir name last. But at present Aadhar or PAN Card like identification becoming so important in our daily life. Even a small mistake is there Data base don't recognize our identity and we will be in trouble in at many places. So we have to see that our name should be same in all registrations i.e. the way you gave your name in aadhar should match with it. In North India, usually people give their Sur name after their real name. But in south people give their Sur name first and real name later. At present what will be the universal way of registering our name throughout India? Is the government decided an universal method to register our names so that there may not be any confusion afterwards?
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    Most probably you are talking about surname. There is no hard and fast rule in this regard. If the instruction states to put surname first, you have to write Surname, Middle name, First name in that order.

    If there is no instruction, you have to write your name first.

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    In India unfortunately different type of ways are followed to mention their names in government records and forms. For example we the Tamilians have the compulsion to carry the fathers name as initials and then our name . But the caste factor also forces us to use the third option. So my name becomes Krishnaswamy Mohan Iyengar, which is very big and some times the computers wont accept. So we end up writing as K Mohan which is not accepted again. And in Telugu culture, they write the name of their house first and their name next. So it may not be hard and fast rule to mention father name , husband name or house name either at first or at last .
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    In many of the forma they are mentioning surname, middle name and first name, in the same sequence. But in some other cases, they give in the reverse order. We fill in the same order. In PAN card and aadhaar card also I have given my surname first, then middle name and then first name. No specific sequence is mentioned I think. But as you mentioned it is better if we have a fixed sequence , there will not be any problem at a later date.
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    In most of the online form you have to indicate where you have to write your real name, where you have to write middle name and where you have to write surname. There is not a clear rule or indication from government.
    The title of this thread "Which method to follow at present-Sur name first or last name first?"
    Surname or last name are same. There should be real name in place of last name.

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