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    If BJP registers majority in Rajya Sabha do you expect some good deeds or bad deeds from this party?

    News media analysis indicates that if BJP registers majority in Rajya Sabha it will take some very major drastic decisions that BJP, RSS, VHP, Shiva Sena and its other associations dreaming off in the past. These decisions may affect their existence or may increase their popularity or may bring some problems to the people and they may not care in implementing them. Some of these decisions include construction of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, bringing the whole country into its grip, women's reservation bill, prohibition of Cow slaughter, ban on conversion of religions etc. If some of the disputed issues like Ram Mandir back fires what will be the situation? Do you think BJP turns autocratic if it registers complete majority in Rajya Sabha? By attaining extreme power will BJP flourish with good deeds or or it decimate with its autocratic actions? Folks what are your future expectation of BJP Party?
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    If we follow two simple thumb rules in this regard, there would be absolutely no confusion. First rule is: Whatever BJP did or does, is wrong, unsuccessful, unethical and communal. Whatever the political parties opposing BJP do, are good, successful, ethical, honest and secular. The second thumb rule following the first rule is that the party, thanks to the opposition parties and visceral haters, is going to be successful in 2019 also.

    Majority in Rajya Sabha is almost immaterial.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    After a long time an honest and strict person has come at the top position through BJP party. Now the question is will he be successful in future or not.

    The doubt of good deeds and bad deeds is Itself is a big doubt as nothing conclusive so far seen in India except a single person trying to correct so many corrupt people below.

    Anyway coming times only will be the deciding factor and if opposition functions like a constructive entity we can hope some good results.

    Knowledge is power.

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    (deleted due to inadvertent duplication.see post below)

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    What if, the situation there after goes like the proverb "Power....; and absolute power......absolutely"? It is always better to have some strong checks rather than absolute and steamrolling majority.

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    Presently the BJP party is finding it increasingly difficult to pass any bill or new order in both the houses as they are having shortage of strength in RS. So the party has been working hard to consolidate its voice and strength in the upper house and in that melee all the drama and trying is made. If the ruling party has formidable majority in both the houses, they need not bow to diktat of opposition on every issue which has become the mockery of democracy as Congress, SP, BSP, AAP and other left and right parties have made their daily routine to oppose and stand against every decision of the government and thus even though the LS has given mandate and strength when it comes to upper house the BJP and NDA are reduced to jokers. So targeting for more MP's to RS would be the main aim of BJP President Amit Shah now. And that will facilitate some hard decisions the government may contemplate to take in future.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Now BJP acquired majority in Rajya Sabha also. That is true. Whatever they propose will go easily because of the majority. As usual the opposition parties will object for any thing, whether good or bad, done by the ruling party. This is the practice in our country and the same will continue without any deviation. But ultimately Government proposal will go through as now in both the houses majority is there.
    As an optimistic person I always think that the ruling party will try to do good without losing its concentration on win in the next elections. But going by the past history I feel something good will happen to this country in coming years. This is my expectation and my expectation may go wrong also.
    One thing is sure. THe man who has to conduct Rajya Sabha is a very able person and had lot of oratory skills. With his skills and experience I expect him to conduct the house in a dignified way.

    always confident

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