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    Good paintings, or thought of the day or great color posters. Which would attract employees ?

    When you enter big corporate hospitals and big companies, the reception would be highly decorative and impressive with good paint done, images of great paints, some proverbs or thought of the day written in style or some color posters which would attract the employees and visitors. What is your liking on this. Should the receptionist be more receptive, should the color and ambiance of reception area be lit with colorful lights and images ? Or a simple office would do with food for thought written as daily posters ?
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    While the reception needs to be attractive and bring positive vibes for anyone who enters the office, it is the good management and the happiness of people working in such a company attracts more visitors or employees. There is no use of having attractive colours or good paintings if there are no happy employees in that company. How people or employees really speak about the company is what matters.

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    The reception area in corporate houses is aesthetically designed. A lot of time, money, effort and study go into designing the place. Corporates hire the best interior designers to do the interiors.

    Most corporate offices make use of bright colours in the reception area. Be it through paintings on the wall or the wall paint etc. It has been scientifically proven that striking colours send out positive vibes. They create a 'feel-good' atmosphere. Dull walls in a reception area can make one feel gloomy, especially in a hospital environment.

    Personally, I like the use of bright colours in office spaces, provided the reception area is large. The use of colours, with natural light streaming in a large hall, is pleasant. The same bright colours in a small room can have a negative effect.

    I like the use of different elements, especially in the lobby area, quite appealing. Colours on white walls (paintings, posters and murals), lights, natural plants, a touch of metal (as in a metal statue), a water body (a small pond or a portable fountain).

    What I do not like is walls clad in granite or tiles.

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    A thought provoking proverbs and slogans neatly presented on the wall as wall hangings and a good receptionist taking care of the visitors with some good arrangement to sit in a good ambience is very good for the employees to get attracted. The colour combination of the wall paint and small small paints as wall hangings on wall will give a good look. When a person goes to a corporate office if somebody receives him and aks their purpose of visit and connects him to the concerned is a nice gesture and people will get attracted for these points more. In many office some body goes for an interview , no body care for them and makes them to wait for hours together which tells about the culture of the office.
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