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    Law makers and Law protectors are breaking the rules!

    The Law makers who are in the Government i.e. Politicians and the Law protectors so called lawyers and Cops are breaking the rules in often we see in News paper and Television in Drunk and Drive, Three people in two wheeler vehicles, as no number plate in the vehicle, firing a gun for entertainment e.t.c.What kind of message do they give to the society of the people of breaking the rules?Do Law makers and Law Protectors are really punished for these crimes? Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    Yes what the author has observed is right. Most of the law makers who were in a position to assert their right in the society has the free hand to break the laws at their will. While helmet rules applies to all , I have seen police persons not wearing and they are simply avoiding it. Their vehicle is prominently written as police vehicle and the other police person who is bound to stop and raise fines would pardon them or wont care at all. I have also seen that some police vehicles go on the wrong directions and if we go through that direction we are heavily fined through cc tv footage.
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    This is the speciality of this country. Law makers know how to break the rules.While making the law itself they keep in mind their hidden agenda of how to violate the same. There is a saying in telugu. The fencing it self has eaten away the crop. Farmers have fencing around their field to protect itself from animals. But the fence itself has eaten away the crop. The total situation in this country can be correlated to this saying. The attitude of politicians and officers should change. Otherwise protecting this country from this evils is very difficult.
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    It is very unfortunate that the people who are responsible for the governance in this country are time to time breaking rules and showcasing the most ridiculous form of setting examples for others.

    This has put the honest and law abiding persons also in a state of confusion and dilemma.

    What we expect from our seniors, teachers, official in top positions, political leaders and other top authorities that they should put examples in front of us so that we are also motivated to follow their footprints. What is happening in practice is that public is crying and reminding them to work in a honest and unbiased way but they are not listening to these requests or exclaimations anymore.

    Under such a situation how can we expect that things will go in a progressive and growth oriented path.

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    It is nothing new and not only limited with politicians or Government officers, it is everywhere. Even a simple manager in a reputed organization sometimes use his/her power according to his/her convenience. Actually, powerful people are like an 'ambulance' which need not follow the traffic rules because they are given extra permission for it. However, it is one's ethic which allow them to perform whether misusing their power or using it for the betterment.

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