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    The picture is blank- Create a quick story and win prizes!

    As we are gearing up to celebrate another Independence Day, we are announcing a creative story writing contest for you. We have had story writing contests of this nature earlier too, but this one is slightly different. Before we move on with the announcement, it would only be appropriate to acknowledge Neelam who is the brain behind this idea. We have credited the author with a cash reward in her thread in recognition of her creative input.

    All of us must have heard about the SSB interviews which are held to select Officers to the three defence wings. The interview comprises of various tests which includes physical and mental exercises which a candidate has to go through over a period of five days. And one among them is writing a story based on a picture that is shown to them. In this test, a picture is shown to the candidates for a few seconds and then they are given approximately four minutes to create a story based on that picture.

    Now the contest is that, suppose you are one of the candidates and you are shown a blank picture, create a story based on it within five minutes and post them as a response here in this thread. The story can be of any genre but should be convincing and should have some connection with 'blank'. Kindly read the instructions before posting your stories.

    We will be keeping this thread open for one day precisely so as to encourage more participation but your endeavor should be to think, create and write a story within five minutes. Being honest would be a test for yourselves and so the rest is left to you.


    1. Anyone including editors can participate in this contest.
    2. Give an interesting title to your story.
    3. Post your stories as a response in this thread.
    4. Min words: 300 Words; Max words: 350 words.
    5. Do not violate any forum posting guidelines.
    6. A member can submit only one story.
    7. The story should be in English only.
    8. Kindly avoid posting irrelevant responses here.


    The best entry will receive a cash award of Rs.150/-. The next two best entries will receive Rs.100/- each. Two consolation prizes of Rs 75/- each (depending on the number of entries received). Other suitable entries may also be given cash rewards and additional points.

    This contest will close at 09.00 A.M on 13th August, that is tomorrow.

    So, look at the blank picture before you and start off!
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    Where is the blank picture? Please show us the blank picture frame here to see and write a story.
    No life without Sun

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    Saji, the idea was given by Neelam Joshi but here you have mentioned as Neelima.

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    Sushma, thanks a lot for pointing out the mistake. My sincere apologies to Neelam for the mistake. The error stands corrected now.

    @SuN, the thread says 'suppose'.

    'It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it'. - Aristotle.

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    The greatest wealth in this world is mental peace and good health.

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    An autobiography of a photo frame:

    People call me Photo Frame. They were happy to buy me and in turn I was also proud to be their family member. Are you having a little doubt?" Why i myself mentioned as a family member?" I know human beings won't tell anyone that a photo frame is their family member. But I believe that I am unavoidable part of their family. If you read my story, you can easily understand what I mentioned. So let's see how a photo frame turned to be a family member.

    My life starts from a super market. There we had a place titled "Photo frame section". Initially we were all blank with 4 frames. The person who created us told one day you will be full with beautiful pictures. At first we did not realize what he said. But we had a belief that one day we will be able to understand what he mentioned.

    One day a couple visited our shop. They were newly married. They were looking for something special to be kept into their new home. Wandering through the shop, they reached our section also. The wife was much excited to see all of us.. She felt happy to select one of us. She told her husband" This is the one I am searching for. Let's buy this? "The husband agreed. I felt happy to start my journey. After reaching home, they placed a beautiful wedding snap in me and hanged in the wall. Now I look very beautiful. The words of the person who created me came to my mind. Yes, what he mentioned was turning positive. Now I am not blank but full. From that day onward, I did not had any time to sit blank in the family. Today my journey is continuing all through their life. I am a proud photo frame that is never blank.

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    N K Sharma at #605347, you are supposed to post the entry as a response here to be considered as a valid one.
    Members are requested to have some patience to read the announcement thread carefully before posting your entries.

    'It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it'. - Aristotle.

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    A Blank portrait at fun gallery:

    It was a very hot summer of May 2016 at Rampura a small town of M.P. I was resting on bed and was planning to go out of station with family for vacation. It was decided by family specially by my two sons to go to Mumbai.
    on 13 May 2016 we boarded a train for Mumbai. On 14 May, we reached at Bandra terminus. We hired a taxi and reached Mumbai. We go to a hotel and hired a room for three days. We were very excited after reaching Mumbai. We were tired after journey so we took some rest on the whole day and planned to visit Mumbai. One of receptionists of Hotel told me that we can hire a taxi to visit Mumbai. So, next day on 15 May we hired a taxi, and started our journey to visit Mumbai. We visited, Juhu Beach, Chuapati, Palwa, Halji ali Dargah and other famous places. Whole day, we enjoyed a lot and my both sons were very happy after visiting Mumbai. They were enjoying a lot. When we reached at hotel it was 11.45 PM. So, without any delay we went to bed.
    Next day on 16 May, we came to know that there is some fun and laughing art gallery at Andheri station. We hired a taxi and reached at that fun and laughing art gallery. Suddenly a painting captured our eyes. It was totally a blank painting. We asked what's there in this painting.
    We get reply that it is a painting of a cow grazing grass.
    My older son asked: where is cow in this painting?
    The answer was very funny: She has left after grazing.
    Then My elder son asked: Where is grass in this portrait?
    When we get reply we couldn't prevent our laughing and smiles. We get reply that grass has been grazed by the cow.
    So, this picture is totally blank. After a lot fun, we reached at hotel, check out and went to station for getting train to our destination (Neemuch).

    Honesty is the best policy.

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    Baba Harbhajan Singh-The Hero of the Nathula Pass

    During the Flag meeting between the two armies, the officer of the Indian Army reached the spot and looked at the vacant chair kept by the Chinese soldiers. He bowed before the chair in reverence, fondly remembering Baba Harbhajan Singh, the immortal soldier who even after 38 years of his death, doing his duty of guarding the Chinese border on the Indian side.

    In 1968, this great soul from the 23rd Battalion of the Punjab Regiment died while escorting a mule column in Sikkim. He was crossing a fast flowing stream when he slipped and was drowned . When his body was not found even after a long search, he came in the dream of one of his comrades and told where his body could be found. Once again a thorough search was conducted and at last, his body was recovered from the same place. His last rites were performed with full military honour. This incident raised faith in the hearts of the soldiers about his presence and his bunker was converted into a temple.

    Slowly, when the people of the neighbouring villages also came to know of his miracles, the number of devotees increased manifold and a new temple was built at a place between Nathula and Jelepla Pass.
    It is strongly believed that even today, Baba Harbhajan Singh protects the soldiers of the Nasthula brigade who guard the 14,000 feet high border point with China. He always try to keep them alert and even sometimes slaps a solider if at all he gets sleepy. Not only that, the soldiers also believe that in case of any major movement from opposite the border, he would surely give them a warning three days in advance.

    Even the Chinese soldiers seem to believe his existence and keeps a vacant chair for him to attend the Flag meeting.

    Although the officer is free from any superstition but still, he loves to believe his story and in the heart of his hearts salutes the great patriot.

    Every day is a new day for learning something new.

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    History etched on the blank pages of time

    Scene 1:
    There was a deathly silence, even over the sound of the howling wind. No more earth shattering BOOMS – just silence, and the wailing wind.

    Captain Vijay got out of his bunker, even as the searing pain shot through his left hand. He examined the torn flesh, the result of shrapnel. The bleeding had long ceased, but not the pain. He walked past his men; he had no time to salute and mourn their deaths. There was something more urgent that had to be done.

    He walked to where the supplies were stashed and rummaged through them. A smile touched his lips as he found his treasure.

    He gingerly picked up his prized find and held it close to his chest. A surge of pride ran through him.

    Scene 2:
    The freezing winds roared and pushed against him, but he trudged along the treacherous terrain. Each step sent him knee-deep into the snow. The vast white expanse of which spread as far as the eyes could see.

    Determined, the Captain continued his arduous journey, braving it all.

    Scene 3:
    He felt an adrenalin rush, as he approached his destination. One…two…three strides more, and he was on enemy territory. He walked past dead (enemy) soldiers. He walked with a purpose, unaffected by the blood and the gore.

    Scene 4:
    He finally halted, went down on his knees and let out a roaring cry that echoed through the gorges, an exhilarating cry that originated in his soul.

    He stood up, pulled down the enemy flag. And, with a thumping sense of pride, he hoisted the tricolour that he had held close to his heart, all through the trek.

    The cold, bare terrain was suddenly beautiful. Captain Vijay now stood on Indian soil.

    The Captain created history. He filled the blank pages of time with a story of valour. Today will be remembered as an eventful day in our history. All other days will get blanked out from our memories, but not today.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak." -Michael Garrett Marino

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    My entry is:
    Title: Zeal to join the Indian Army.
    Suresh is a student from a small town in Uttar Pradesh. He is very healthy and strong. He is very good in studies. He has great passion and interest in armed forces. There are many Army Officers from his town. He is very much inspired from them. He has decided to join the Indian army so he has started preparing for National Defence Academy (NDA).

    He took the guidance and tips from the JP Singh (an officer from his town). J P Singh told him about the written test, Ground training officer (GTO) test. How to perform various GTO task such as individual obstacle test, group planning exercise, command task, military planning, lecturate. He is also a member at India Study channel. He searched and read "How to prepare for service selection board (SSB) interviews" an article by Mr. N K Sharma. This article provides great coverage on Psychological test and Interview. Psychological test consists of word association test, situation reaction, story writing. Interview is a check of personality. These all 3 test is designed to discover the officer's like qualities in the candidates. The article helped him a lot. Finally, he appeared for SSB Interview and get selected.

    His parents and friends were very happy on his selection for a prestigious service. He joined the army and completed his 4 years training successfully. He won the award of best cadet and was commissioned into the Indian army. He joined his duty place (unit) to serve this great country.Now Suresh feels happy and proud in Uniform.

    The greatest wealth in this world is mental peace and good health.

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    My humble submission:-

    The officer started his heavenly journey with a clean, blank slate

    The severely wounded officer was hurriedly taken to the makeshift hospital by his jawans and the nursing orderlies. He was bleeding profusely. Without any delay the army surgeon operated the officer. The artillery sprinter had torn open the belly of the injured officer. Unfortunately the bleeding could not be totally stopped even after the operation.

    The officer was kept in an empty room of the field hospital after the operation. The effect of the sedative was still working, albeit partially. The officer opened his eyes. His vision was hazy. He continued looking at the blank white wall of the room of the field hospital.

    The wounded officer's mind travelled backward. After completing the training at High Altitude Warfare School (HAWS) at Gulmarg, he had joined the Battalion only two months before. On that eventful evening, as the Company commander, he was tasked to stop the attempt of infiltration of a group of terrorists entering the country in that sector located at Pir Panjal range where his Battalion has been operating. The intelligence report was accurate and his Company could eliminate almost all terrorists except one who managed to exfiltrate. But he himself was badly injured by the covering artillery fire given to the terrorists by the neighbouring country's soldiers.

    The injured officer could feel that the blood was coming out seeping through the bandage, but he was not feeling any pain. His mind was a blank slate just like the blank wall of the empty room of the field hospital.

    His mind was at peace. He was silently bidding goodbye to his colleagues, friends and family members and the countless number of country-men whom he had been protecting. He was preparing himself to leave this world with a clean, blank slate.

    He was commencing his journey to heaven with a clean, blank state of mind.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Just to remind all once again, a suitable title is part of the instruction.
    'It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it'. - Aristotle.

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    Blank inheritance
    Ramya is happy and anxious at the same time. She just got married in the Rathod family. She is about to begin a new chapter in her life. Her mother-in-law blessed her and said, "Ramya, today you are one of our family. Being a part of the family, I would give you something today, that has been given to us as an inheritance through generations."
    She gave Ramya a big jewellery box. The box seemed to be made of gold. The lid had a lot of embellishments. Few areas of the box was covered by a green layer. "Maybe moss," Ramya thought. "Maybe the gold has got corroded in some places." "Ramya was very happy. She struck gold at the very first day. If the box is so heavy and made of gold, the jewellery inside will be far more expensive, she thought.
    Her mother-in-law asked her to open it. To her utter surprise, the box was totally blank and empty inside. Her mother-in-law explained, "This is a magical box, that is passed down to us by our in-laws through generations. If the owner of the box is totally honest and righteous, the gold of this box remains in tact. The moment, they feel jealous, greedy or any other such vices of human beings, the gold corrodes and a part of the box turns green. See, just because you felt greedy by seeing the box, it has turned green right here." Ramya was shocked and ashamed to see that it was true. Right in the middle of the box was a green patch which was not there before. Her mother-in-law understood and said, "there is nothing to be ashamed of. We are humans. Vices are our natural quality. To err is human. But to rectify it is being human. May you always learn from your errors and rectify it. We call this 'blank inheritance'. If you can keep most of the gold in the box in tact, you will be a true Rathod. She blessed Ramya once more and left.

    Live life Kingsize!

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    I could see our National flag at the ramparts of Redfort.

    The image in the frame is missing. But everyone one dreaming for their own image or the image of their family. But I am reminded of our National flag hoisted on a tallest post and that is visible to all the sides of the New Delhi and thus makes the moment pride for hall.. Since the flag is big, and when it moves slowly in the wind, it gives the Gif effect and that brings lots of emotions attached with our National flag. One would feel like saluting it at once.

    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    An author who couldn't write anymore
    Sat down to write his suicide note :

    Winters in Japan are gruesome. Though in the safety of his wooden mansion, the most celebrated writer of the century, Osamu Dazai's heart is filled with insecurity. He tossed and turned of sleeplessness while his mother downstairs slept like a baby and his father,who's face he never knew,was resting in peace upstairs in heaven .He was shivering, not because of the cold but because of his repugnant thoughts. He accomplished impossible feats in the literature world. He's only 38. Expectations and responsibilities are just way too heavy to handle. He stares at his lawn from his bedroom window. He saw his beautiful flowers are frozen but intact.
    It's as though Nature has encased these beautiful lives.

    But something was wrong. Beauty isn't sparking inspiration in an artist's heart. On contrary, it is fanning the blazes of digust in him. Dazai has suffered a lot. He never led a decent childhood. He had no friends. His life was filled with poverty,debts, loneliness, betrayals and health issues. But he never lost his composure. He was strong all along and welcomed every challenge with a smile.
    It was during his graduation at his law school that he found his teacher, his role model, his idol, Ryunosuke. He found Ryunosuke's writings, thoughts, personality and his existence immensely interesting. Dazai composed his first work under him. His work was way too excellent to ignore. Dazai wrote like there was no tomorrow. He had 36 of his books published. But Dazai's world collapsed into darkness when he found Ryunosuke has killed himself.
    His motivation and inspiration left with his master. He never felt that passion to write again. Not even alcohol can drown his pain. He was lonely once again.
    A sound disrupted his solitude. It was his ceiling fan. Salvation was hovering above his head the whole time.
    He sat down to write his suicide note.
    White paper and white snow on his window, screaming to him that he can add whatever he wants to the blank paper of life. Dazai understood. He left his suicide note blank. He will live.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    My entry:

    Title - The socially deprived courageous young girl

    Neelu's mind went blank for a while. Time was running out and she was desperate. This is her first interview experience and she is determined to get through.

    Neelu is a young girl from a remote village in Andhra Pradesh who belongs to a socially deprived community. Her father earns livelihood by cleaning the filth. Neelu is a courageous intelligent young girl who could complete her graduation against all odds.

    "What should I write?" thought she and without wasting time. She decided to write one of the challenging situations of her life.

    She started writing, "I felt terrified. One of my friends skid and fell down in the sloppy road. She was almost senseless and was precariously hanging from the branch of a tree in the gorge. We were five girls from our village returning home after school hours. The road is stony with deep gorge on one side. My other friends were shouting for help in the lonely road.

    I was determined to save her life. I took a bold step. I asked my other friends to tightly hold legs to form a chain by lying on the ground and told the girl on the roadside to firmly hold the nearby tree. I tangled my legs tightly to the legs of the third girl in the chain. I was upside down, felt a bit nervous yet I was determined. I could reach my friend who was hanging unconsciously on the branch. I held her tightly with my hands and shouted the first girl on the road to crawl up. I was evening time and no energy was left in our body. She was trying hard but the heavy weight was pulling down. I don't know what to do. The very thought of falling down in the gorge made me tensed. I was silently praying god who answered my prayers.

    A government jeep which was going that way stopped on seeing us and rescued us. Thank god. I could save the life of my friend. "

    Neelu topped the interview and brought laurels to her parents and village.

    Thanks & Regards

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    Title: - Tribute to a father

    John, a carefree teenager was a 12th class student. His father wanted him to be an army officer but he never gave any serious thought to it. He was always busy having fun with his friends. He was not a bit serious about his future. One day, in a terrible event, his father was hit by a car. He was taken to the hospital but was not able to survive; the blood had flown too much; he passed away.
    John became numb; he didn't even shed a tear. He thought he would fill his blank life with something meaningful. He decided to fulfill his father's dream. Along with his twelfth class examination, he started preparing for NDA exam. He started practicing mathematics problems and started reading newspaper daily to increase his general knowledge. After one year of hard work, he was able to crack the written exam. Also, he scored quite good in his board exams. His SSB was two months later. He read few books related to the selection procedure; he went to some of his seniors who were selected in Indian army to ask for guidance. He saw various videos online to enhance his knowledge. He was not good at spoken English, so he practiced speaking by standing in front of a mirror; he also started communicating with his good friends in English. Finally, the day came, it was his SSB. He went there with full enthusiasm and after five days of selection process consisting of screening, Psychological analysis, ground tasks and personal interview, he was able to clear the board. After coming home, he went to his father's grave, sat there and cried his heart out. His tears were a mixture of piled up sadness and satisfaction of finally fulfilling his father's dream.

    Don't sweat the small stuff and it's all small stuff.

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    My entry:

    Title - "The Little boy and his thoughtful dream"

    Santosh is 8 years old and is studying 3rd standard in an esteemed school. One day a drawing competition was announced in his school. Santosh nominated himself for the competition as he was curious to win. After reaching home, he finished his homework. Later in the night, Santosh wanted to practice for drawing competition as it was scheduled next day. He took a "blank" paper and started thinking. He tried so hard but he did not get any idea. So he started crying. Seeing this, Santosh's mother convinced him not to worry and everything will be fine. Listening to his mother's convincing words he slept.

    Santosh got a dream wherein he was selected as one of the 10 students to visit NASA for space trip. Students were taken to Space Station in a space shuttle with astronauts. They were shown stars, moon and planets. Santosh was excited and felt like a moving image is shown to him. Because of the excitement, he got disturbed in sleep. When he opened his eyes he saw the blank paper nearby which he kept yesterday for practicing. An idea came in his mind. Without wasting time, Santosh took his colour pencils, thought about his dream and started to draw stars, planets, astronaut and applied colours. As it was 3:00am he slept again.

    The next day morning Santosh went to school and participated in the drawing contest. He started drawing the same picture which he practiced in "blank" chart given to him. He applied more appropriate colours to the drawings. The teacher informed students that the results will be declared in evening. The time came and Santosh was very excited to know the winner. The results were announced. Santosh was declared winner with Rs.1000/- cash prize. When he was thinking about the reason for success, three things came to his mind. The first one was convincing words from his mother, second is the "blank" paper and third was his dream. Santosh went home happily with his prize.


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    She made all of it come true

    Radhika is 21 year old girl an average student average in academics, sports and whatever she does she is average. It is a tag with which she has grown up but she is dreamer lost in her thoughts she believes she will achieve something big one day but not aware of the path she should take. She want her parents to feel proud on her but isn't aware how to do it. As soon as her graduation completed she gave all the exams organised she could give and somehow mirculously cracked one of them which is CDS in her first attempt. Now she got a direction and want to put all the hardwork in this one direction and begin preapering for ssb from months she recited all her answers she will give in interview again and again.
    But as soon as day of ssb arrives as she reached station she went completely 'blank ' all the things she practiced from months just vanished and there she reprsented her trueself with honesty. And to her surprise she cracked it she cracked Ssb one of the most diffucult personality based task she don't know how may be its her honesty that helped her.
    Today she is wearing her officers uniform infront of the big crowd at Officers training academy. The day has arrived about which she dreamt thoisands of time and she is still thinking is it all a dream becuase now she is not an ordinary girls.
    She made herself believe that she is an officer when she saw the proud filled eyes of her parents and grand parents in the rows where all the parents were.

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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