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    The danger of demensia and the measures to get rid of the same

    Demensia is a disease in many of the people around us with mild and strong levels. This is indicated in us as we normally forget the things.

    A survey of an universal Research center reveals that nearly one third people can avoid the demensia if they keep their brains in normal level.

    'The Lancet' a research magazine published that the problem of demensia may be considered as a result of age factor, there is a possibility of preventing the demensia by considering a set of nine factors in life.They are 1) Uneducated, 2) deafness 3) smoking 4) Mental stress, 5)seclusion socially 6)High Blood Pressure 7)Idleness without any work, 8)Bulk body structure and 9)Diabetic.

    One third demensia patients are possibly suffering from Alzheimer.

    As there is good medicine for curing the demensia in the medical field the doctors are suggesting that preventive measure could have taken to avoid suffering from the demensia.

    If we control ourselves by changing the life style once we face any of the nine factors mentioned is good to make ourselves free from the demensia as stated by the Association of Demensia and Alzheimer.

    We can avoid demensia in our life by avoiding smoking, mentral stress,mingling with people, controlling BP and Sugar level, engaging ourselves in any simple works, etc., as suggested by the association.
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    Thanks to the author for this wonderful write up which is useful to every one and get understand the Demensia and measures to get rid of it. This disease is widely spread in the age bracket of 40 to 50 year old who are not having regular works and when their minds would be idle and parked.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I think as long as you keep your mind active you will not have this problem. Even I have seen many people who are hard workers remember many things even at their late 70s and early 80s. My father is a poet and he is 84 now. But he never forget important things. Even today he is able to write a poem within 5 to 8 minutes without thinking for long.
    But there are people who forget the names only of the persons. But they remember all other details of the person, but not name.
    If you keep our mind active by participating in simple acts you can be away from this problem.

    always confident

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