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    Is it good to waive agriculture loan?

    You must have seen before election some political party announce to waive the agriculture loan and farmers get happy and vote for them.
    Due to waiver bank faces short term problems like loss in their balance sheet, but is it really work?
    I have seen in Odisha many bog players ( who are not actually farmer) but they have farm house on pen and paper they just take loan from bank and do not repay as they wait till Government declare as waive off or to settled with a very minimal payment.
    I believe Government should provide training to farmer how to produce more and how to do preserve, how to make finished product or how to sell at good price, instead of giving such foolish waiver of loan .
    Although some of my friends suggest it is a good idea as small farmer get benefits during drought or flood, but I am not satisfied yet with that logic.
    What is your opinion regarding this?
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    Our country officers should adopt a measure to offer or waive agricultural loans, educational loans,scholarships etc., by considering the individual cases and segregating the real needy persons and rich ones. The waiver of such loans are to given only those in the level of rich and the needy persons are suffering really.

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    It is good if it really reaches the deserving cases. Small farmers who own 2 or 3 acres of land, doing agriculture on their own have really many problems. They should get help in solving their problems. But in the name of farmers many people who own 100 of acres of land asking for waiver of loan is just not correct. But in our country always who don't deserve any help only will get loans. Not the real needy. Famous industrialists take loans and don't repay crores of rupees. All of them will have the blessings from the people in high positions and they survive.
    The government should evolve a system to find out the culprits and punish them. The banks should evolve a procedure to find out the real poor farmers and help them by decreasing the interest rates or waiving of the loan, etc,.

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    Waiving loans because political leaders are motivated by objective of profit by winning the elections not because they want to help is a wrong policy to adopt. Rather than providing farmers loan for various purpose it is better to provide with things they want for betterment for agriculture like -free and better seeds, better equipment for agriculture, time to time checking of soil for production of various agricultural products.
    But our political leaders keep waiving loans which not only puts pressure on banks but also make farmers vulnerable and totally dependent on government, today farmers expect from government to solve many of the problems to sort out by government rather than searching for ways to solve the problem.
    And even these schemes of waiving of loans doesn't reach out to the really needy farmers but stay limited to some rich farmers who gains from these schemes.

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    I am in support of waiving agricultural loans for many reasons. First of all we must understand the importance of farmers in the society and he is one who is feeding the entire country. If that is his position, then why not government comes to his rescue at the time of need. Most of the farmers are tilling their land and their income purely depend on nature and the out put based on good yields due to good rains. Sometimes the calculations goes haywire and he is pushed to loss and could not pay the bank loan. There comes the help from the government to waive the loan. If you take Industrial sector, they are given free land, free power, and other largess even before asking for one reason that employment is guaranteed for the locals. But for the farmers such open support from government is missing. That is why the farming community takes to street to fight for their rights and they do achieve the success.
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