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    Benefits of wheat grass juice?

    Now days due to pesticides vegetables we are taking indirectly lot of pesticides inside our body which causing us various disease like high sugar, kidney affect, liver damage etc.
    Then we go to doctor for remedies, as we can not stop eating those pesticides vegetables or meat, and also it is not practically possible to do harvesting at own field for eating.
    But we can take small precautions like taking daily wheat grass juice for extracting those toxin and pesticides from our body.
    From this wheat grass juice we get Vitamins, sodium, calcium, iron, sulpher and 20 types of amino acid.
    To harvest wheat grass you can have 8-10 pot on your roof , just fill the pot with clean
    soil, little sand, and compos ( cow dunk compost), then plant 100 gram of wheat on each pot, keep watering every day, keep in low sunlight , and in every week you can cut six inch of leaf to get sufficient juice for 3-4 person family.
    Drink the juice on empty stomach everyday for 10 days in a month, no need of taking every day.
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    The benefits of wheat grass juice was well appended by the author. But getting the wheat grass is the problem and we cannot get the same in each town or city. If that is taken care of , people shall surely use this widely.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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