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    How to tag in twitter to get more traffic?

    Can any SEO expertise help me to know how to tag some popular topic or popular group in twitter so that our post ( forum , ask expert or article) will get more number of viewers and also we can get more number of participation also we will be getting more answers for our discussion.
    I read some where that now days tagging in twitter will bring god amount of traffic very easily .
    Please specify step by step for easy understanding.
    One of my friend getting millions of traffic in one month just from twitter only but he did not sharing the tricks with me.
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    The editor may shift this question to the ask experts section so that technical savvy members and persons can give the right reply and that would be a tutorial to every one.
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    First you should know that ISC is basically Organic traffic website but it gets referral traffic from twitter, facebook as well. But if you thinking to drive millions of visitors to some article from twitter. Google will surely inquire incase of referral traffic.
    Organic traffic source: Search engines Google, Yahoo, Bing etc
    Referral traffic source: websites i.e. twitter, facebook etc

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    You can tag in Twitter with the following example.

    Tweet like "How to get #traffic to your #blog (paste your post link for e.g. then add again more relevant hashtag (keywords) within limited characters set by them. Hashtag like #Tips #OrganicTraffic #Learn #Earn

    These hashtag will help to distribute your info to several pages on the Twitter and possibly get traffic from there.

    You can use bitly form to shrink the URL as well.

    Do not repeat the same Hashtag again, and do not waste the space / characters and try to fill the enough hashtags. Try to add related article photo to grab the attention.

    Note: those traffic won't be considered as Organic traffic but social or referral traffic which has no value for people who depend on natural traffic from search engine.

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