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    Can anyone guarantee that his article will come at the first page of google?

    Sometimes, we do lot of research regarding keywords so that our article will come at the first page of google. But all our efforts will go in vain if we don't find our article at google's top page at least for some keywords. But sometimes, we find our posts at top position even if we don't follow SEO techniques and that too they will be generating good traffic. In this regard, I want to know whether anyone can guarantee that his/her article will come at the top page of google by following good SEO techniques.
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    If the article is good and has the stuff for the public to understand and follow, surely the Google team should not have the problem to index it and make it available on the first page first post. Here I would blame the authors also. If they are not able to create attractive heading and failing to have the required contents and also a good summary , then they cannot find that post in the indexing in first rows. So one must learn to create good heading. That is why the ISC insists every member to try their best through this forum section as any one can write or create threads of great importance and get immediate indexing by Google.
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    The answer to this question will be a relative one since an article might rank at the top for a mix of keywords but not for the same keywords arranged in a different format. Similarly, there are multiple ways to frame a question and for each of query, there might be a different result list.

    Also, it is not just the quality of the article that decides its ranking. Few other major reasons would be the competition for those particular keywords, the authority of the website itself and historical traffic on the article if the article is not a little old for example like a week or more.

    Google uses around 100 of signals to rank an article and hence it is impractical to write an article just for the purpose of ranking it at the top. The best thing to do is just keep writing on topics of your interest and let luck play out its role.

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    No one can give guarantee because its depends upon google which page will get which rank and day by day Algorithm of searching become change by google. They apply new tactics to give better quality result on search engine and avoiding spamming of contents.
    You need to honest on your contents writing to get good search on google.

    Santosh Kumar Singh
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    First, it all depends on the title, keywords, and content. As an instance, if a blogger publishes and article about "How to prepare a good Power Point Presentation? ", and ensure that article already exits, then I'm pretty sure your another article with same relevant title and content will not make up to the top 10 Google Search results.

    Second, write an article or content that never exist on the web. The article will be unique and will display at the top first search results.

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    These days ranking on Google on the top is not easy job. If you are trying to rank from new website, it requires lot of seo effort to develop authority for that website. You may need to build quality backlinks or lot of long content. Long long content with 1000s of words have tendency to rank for lont tail keywords. I believe sometimes, we can rank for golden keywords which can even produce $100s or even $1000s of dollars.

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    I feel it all depends on the keywords we created for our article and the words used by the searcher. If these two matches exactly, the post will be there definitely in the first page atleast. I tried this many times in google search. The words we type for google search will also make a lot of difference.
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