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    Deforestation is the result that many animals are homeless!

    Deforestation not only affects the balance in climatic changes and also the root cause for pollution but it also makes animals homeless as in news paper we see some tiger or a leopard or a lion or elephant coming in houses or roads or on railway tracks and in public places.Do you think the animals are homeless due to deforestation that is the result of animals coming in living places?Is the growing population is the main cause of deforestation?Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    The demand for development of new Industries and infrastructure and great demand for the housing has created compulsion on the government to destroy the forest cover and give way for concrete jungle and thereby giving trying times to the animal kingdom in general. For example the forest near Srisailam is reserved for Tigers and they are only supposed to live. But due to modernization on the thinking pattern of the forest reserve would be converted for some other purpose and thus posing danger to the living species . For that matter every government has the eye on forest land to divert for other purpose.
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    Yes, perfectly correct. Many animals in villages we found or heard that invading into cities and villages is mainly because of this deforestation only. Similarly we are getting a considerable decrease in the sparrows only because of the erection of many cell phone towers in the cities and major villages.
    Many people complaints that their houses were frequently visited by snakes etc., but is only because of we are started to live in their places, that is constructing our houses over agricultural lands, lakes and ponds.

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    Many animals and birds are left with no home to stay because of the deforestation only. Trees are good for birds to stay on. Animals will stay in places where there are thick trees and the place is not easily approachable. As the population is increasing the housing for them has become essential. To construct houses many forest trees are cut and are made as baron lands and utilised to house construction. In the pursuit of making houses for human beings they are making animals houseless. So birds are going away flying and animals are in trouble. They are not able to find a suitable place for their stay. That is why sometimes we hear that these animals are just getting into villages and cities. Growing trees should be given top priority to save these animals and birds. Without trees it is not possible. Kalam Garu told that. I tried to keep a crow in my house. After Some time it is flown away. Then I tried a Sparrow. after some time this also left. Then I tried a parrot. It has also followed the suit. Finally I decided to grow a tree. Tree has become big. It is staying there only. It will not move. It has brought back my crow, sparrow and parrot. So growing trees is very important for our lives. Please do that.
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