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    What are the qualities of a person that decide his place in the society?

    We live in a society. Many other people also live in the same society. The profession of people in the society varies. Some are academicians, some are doctors, some are lawyers, politicians while some others are qualified engineers or IT professionals- to name a few.

    All these people do not earn the same respect from the society. Some of them are revered in the true sense while some others get respect in their presence but gets brick-batting and sarcastic comments in their back.

    Now the question is why is there such difference in treatment? What are the reasons behind? Will the members throw some light on the matter?
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    If a person wants to earn name and fame in his society there are some prerequisites which will guarantee him to be in limelight. Firstly he must be cordial and have contacts with all irrespective stature being rich and poor. That kind of close rapport will bring him near to all the people and they feel they are heard and cared. Secondly for good and bad moments happening to the members of the society, he must he reachable and help. That would give the lasting impression of that person. Thirdly he must help those children who are weak in English conversation and those who are introvert. This attachment with the society would make him the great person.
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    In the present day society many people are there who comment unnecessarily about others in their absence. The same persons shows lot of respect and love for them. The problem is with the commentator but not with the person.
    As a member of this society as long as we are not doing any harm to any individual, if we are not spoiling the environment, we need not worry about others comments. The society in general give respect to your goodness and gentle behaviour. Such kind of people who are gentle and good to society will always be respected and nobody will say bad about them. But society is forced to respect some people even though are not good. A good example is politicians. Many people respect politicians on their face as they may be required for you at a later date. But all the people in his back will talk bad about him only. Once these politicians are out of power they will get the same treatment as earlier.

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