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    Why many of us are not punctual?

    We all know that time is the most important entity in this world and the time which has gone out of our hands is gone for ever. Punctuality is something which is a prerequisite for smooth functioning of any activity so that it finishes in time to give way to another activity.

    Unfortunately many people do not adhere to the timings and take it very lightly and believe that nothing is going to happen by following the time precisely. Anyway, the point is, if we do not follow the timings then someone may suffer because of this as we are suffering for others such lapses.

    What is your opinion? Should we abide by timings or not?
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    Yah it's true that people mostly possessing punctuality traits are very few and its a sort of human nature to appear late. Me personally being a mallu am a great witness to this. Here for a person to attend somewhere at 10am, we have to shift the starting time to 9am so that everyone appears in time. I don't know why it is but it seems like an infection that keeps spreading this laziness.

    The best way to built up a person with a good and punctual behavior is by learning from their parents as from childhood. People now seems to be influenced by the saying "great men comes late". Even though it's true in some perspectives but it creates a bad impression on others and will be a hindrance for their growth. So it important to develop the punctuality trait amonst everyone and thereby be a model to our next generations.

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    There are two major reasons for this. They are 1) Lethargic: We are very casual in attending any place as our casualness as what would happen if go by little bit late. Some of us may think whether we are important to that place, like such thoughts make us to attend lately and we lost puncutality. 2)More calculative : Some of us more calculative in the traveling time and no way they are giving time percussion for traffic or unknown diversion etc., They very much calculative measures the time and distance and thereby they lost their punctuality due to unknown traffic/diversions.

    The famous cine actor Shivai Ganesan is a man of punctuality and he never came late to his shootings, many times he came earlier to the shooting spot but never came late by a single minute.

    Punctuality leads a person to a top position among people.

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    Punctuality is the must to make a person active and a contributor in every aspect. If you are punctual, you get to do things in time, you do not have to face the regular issues of going hastily, you can also do things with perfection. The reasons why people are not punctual these days is because of the "highly stressed out schedule" that they already pursue. The pressure of work these days is tremendous. People get no time even for their personal living. This is the reson of their stress, which also results in unpunctuality. Some people have this thinking that "people who are late are most creative" - this also is a reason for this misunderstanding. Punctuality teaches us to be more disciplined in life. Being punctual is a key to success.

    Keep smiling and keep growing :)

    Do what inspires you !!

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    I am really against those who are not punctual and wont give the time the respect it deserves. The other day the first day of my daughter college as MBBS Student was opened and it was clearly informed that every student with parents must be present at 8 am sharp. The reason for sending the message one day in advance is to prepare every one to be present in the college at the stipulated time. Not caring this, some students even started coming at 10.30 and 11 am which irked the Dean and he was completely annoyed for not being punctual. It is a big lesson for those so called budding doctors.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Sometimes strict penalties and forgo of facility and benefits can bring sense of punctuality in people. But then there should be total equality and no concession or favouritism or partiality is to be shown.

    Earlier people were punctual at last at airport. But now even there I get to hear repeat announcements of someone not reporting at gate. I also get to hear that a flight is delayed for accommodating a late reaching VIP.

    Though it is not the right routine, but we cannot forget that there was overall punctuality during the 'emergency' period during the seventies. That means fear of law and punishment can bring better compliance and punctuality. If so it should be strictly implemented from top to bottom.

    ( As a pleasant variation, today the two flag hoisting functions I attended were dot on time as scheduled)

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    Punctuality is really a very important thing but few people follow it due to their inherent laziness and careless attitude. They believe that heavens are not going to fall if they are delayed to an event or meeting or function. Some people say that nothing starts in time so why to go in time.
    This mentality is spoiling the society at large and people are laughing on punctual persons. A society or the country to that matter can not progress without punctuality. If action or activity at a point is delayed it creates an avalanche effect and cascades into delay at every place and a situation of haphazardness.
    So punctuality is an essential element.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Punctuality is a prerequisite for anyone in their life to be successful. But unfortunately many of our country people will never care for time. Especially I observe more in public life and corporate life.
    On the other day one of the private insurance companies organised a meeting with customers. The meeting was supposed to start at 4 PM. I was there 5 minutes before the meeting. 90% of the people arrived within 5 to 10 minutes late than the fixed time. But we all were made to wait for the remaining 10% up to 5PM. I told the Organisers the time slot given is 4 to 5. 30 PM. So I have planned another activity at 6 PM. I can't be late. I started back exactly at 5. 30 PM.
    Many Organisation conduct internal review meetings. Everybody will come in time except one or two persons. One of these two persons will be definitely the chairman of the meeting . Everybody will lose time but they can't comment on this because their big boss is the culprit. General feeling is coming late to the meetings indicate the busy schedule of the person and to show their busyness to all, they will come late.
    But if we plan our activities properly we can maintain punctuality without any problem

    always confident

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    Punctuality has to taught from kindergarten level and to be given importance from home.
    If parents practice it then it will surely carry on to the next generation otherwise it will become second nature to sideline the value of time in everyday life.
    Some pre schools allow students to enter even after the school Bell has wrung and there are some which send them back and close the gates to teach children the value of punctuality.

    "If things go wrong, don’t go with them"

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