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    Important points to be noted while doing some exercises

    Alert towards exercise is much more in many of us recently and many of us are doing also either in homes or by going to Gyms. The following are important points to be noted while doing exercises.

    1. As the possibility of sweating is more while doing exercises, we should not wipe the sweating by hand but instead we should wipe the same with soft towels and we should have our own towels for this purpose

    2. Ladies should have a freely tied hairstyles while they are doing exercises as the possibility of break in hairs or hair falling is high.

    3. While doing exercises the make-up (if already had)should be removed as the same will bloc the holes and stops the sweating and thereby possibility of pimples and skin allergy.

    4.No scents should be applied while doing exercises as the same may affect the skin

    5.Oil gel or soft moisturizer can be used during the exercise

    6. A considerable unit of water should be consumed after the exercise is over.

    7. After exercise is over no oil bath to be taken but shampoo bath can be done.
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    The author gave some good tips on how to be alert while doing certain exercises for our benefit. In this regard I wish to mention regarding the brisk walking. No doubt by doing brisk walking one would get more sweat and doing better exercise than normal walking. But in the garb of doing brisk walking, some time one does the jogging which is not right of exercise. Once you decide to do a particular exercise, please strict to it and continue it for that day. By switching to various kinds of exercise , we are putting lots of pressure to the body and that will give negative impact and even pain to the body.
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    This is a good information for the people who do exercise daily. One should follow these tips to avoid unnecessary problems afterwards. After completing the exercise no one should take water immediately. A wait for 5 to 7 minutes after exercise before taking water.
    It is better to have comfortable clothes when we perform these exercises. Having bath after exercise will keep your body more hygienic.
    Walking is the best exercise for all ages.

    always confident

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