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    How to know whether a person is addicted to social media?

    We know that social media affects our mental health like creating depression, causing psychological disorders, creating jealousy by comparing ourselves with others, causing eagerness for likes and comments, etc. But still we can't get rid of social media. Everyone one of us will argue that excessive use of social media is not good but still we will be addicted to it. We say ourselves and others that I am not addicted to social media as we won't be knowing whether we are addicted or not. In this context, how can we know whether whether a person is addicted to social media or not? What are the signs that you are addicted to social media?
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    It is quite simple to judge a person whether he or she is addicted to social media. Firstly he will be dedicating more time to social media than real time to real people. Always glued to the cell phone at any given time forgoing the food and other basic needs and even postponing intake of food , bathing and other needs just for the cause of being regular to the social media. And those who are daily present on social media with their comments,. likes and subscription , that makes amply clear that he or she is very much active in the social media and they are duly addicted to it.
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    Active is different and addict is different. There are many people who are very active on social media. But they are not addicted. They are utilising the social media for their benefit only. But some people are addicted to social media. They always spends time on their smart phone. Every two minutes or three minutes they will open their cell phone see for any new messages. It is like observing the diaper of a baby at regular intervals by the mother to understand the position. In this case there is a purpose atleast. But in opening regularly phones for messages is not having any purpose. This is nothing but addiction. I see some people are busy with the social media even at 2 AM. How they manage their sleep I don't know. As I say always, too much is not desirable for anything. Some students they are even neglecting their studies by getting addicted to this social Media. Parents and teachers should take up this very strongly and see that their wards will not get addicted. I advise all parents not to allow their wards to have a mobile till they are out of their +2
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    Brief answers to your question, as below.

    Q: How can we know whether whether a person is addicted to social media or not?
    He / She would have joined long back over there. They post many updates daily or even every few minutes. They won't miss the social media even when they travel or some sad situation comes. The keep on commenting, sharing photos, videos, or click on likes or favorite or re-share etc.

    Q: What are the signs that you are addicted to social media?

    It is not about me. In general, the addicted person would post every few minutes some minor or major happening around and it could be their personal view as well. They might have enough followers, or they might likes many others' post, or, they follows other too much, or keep on commenting for something which really required or not etc.

    They might pass their time over there just by observing others comment and sharing details more than it is actually required. Finally, their choice/s over there.

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