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    How do you feel Mr.Yogi call to send a video of Independence day celebrations of Madarsa's in UP?

    U.P. Chief Minister Mr. Yogi Adityanath ordered Madarsa educational institutions to celebrate Independence day and to send a video of the same to the government for verification. Is it asking people of one religion to prove their Indian identity? Are they are not Indians? Why such in-differences were shown by BJP party rulers? Is such attitudes in rulers leads religious intolerance issues? Folks what is your opinion regarding this type of attitudes followed by BJP rulers?
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    Well we must also review the situation as to why they government has to bring this order ? It was widely discussed and shown on the television during earlier past that Madarsas are used to carry out Anti India activities and the children are not taught about National importance or National pride. So on getting this intelligence feed back, the UP government has now made it mandatory for Madarsas to celebrate the Independence day and send the video to the government. One thing is sure, when schools and colleges are following the government orders, why the Madarsas which are also schools, should be allowed to float the rule of the land.
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    It is mandatory in India that all educational institutions should hoist the flag in their premises. They will invite some senior person of that area and they will conduct a meeting also in all schools. They are supposed to send reports on these celebrations to their higher ups. As mentioned by Mr.K.Mohan when schools are following government orders why not Madrasas. (I think this is the correct spelling of islamic teaching institutions). This festival is not for a religion. It is for a Nation. Do the students of Madrasas not belong to this Nation? I don't see anything wrong in this. If the higher ups had a doubt about any institution under their administrative control will pay visit or ask for a report. It is the duty of the concerned incharge to give the report and prove his worth. Similarly now the Madrasas has to submit the videos and prove that they are also happy in performing 15th August.
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    The direction is 100% correct because earlier very few madrasas used to hoist National Flag or sing National Anthem. To bring these madrasas to book, the direction is must.
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    Madrasas are educational institutions. They teach children. Teaching should also comprise of respect to constitution, respect to national flag, national symbols,and observing the national protocol, and overall compliance to the laid down rules and regulations and law and order.. Public and children get opportunity to hoist and salute national flag at events of flag hoisting on Independence day and Republic Day. If they are not participating or not getting such opportunities how they will learn these?

    No other major religion is directly or indirectly expressing any difference of opinion in respecting national flag or singing the national anthem. They automatically do what is expected of them as citizen of this nation. So they need not be told about this. However Madrasas get financial and other benefits and all the protection and priorities as per the constitution and law of the land. Every one residing here has to obey and follow the Indian constitution, law and rules. Every citizen has certain civic duties and responsibilities. If the dereliction of such duties from individuals or groups was ignored or overlooked before , that does not make it a right to continue the same dereliction. Those who govern have also the responsibility to see that such citizen civic duties and responsibilities are performed and complied.
    Probably the UP government took the initiative. That is to be supported.
    In no other nation an individual or group who resides in that nation can dare to flout the laid down rules and responsibilities and get away .

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