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    Is it mandatory to participate in Independence celebrations?

    On Aug 15 many many schools, colleges, Institutions and in many streets celebrate Independence day in Schools many students are absent.In colleges, many students will not participate in independence day celebrations, In institutions, many officers and employees will not come for Independence day celebrations.In streets, only a few people will gather and hoist the flag and celebrate Independence day. Is it mandatory to participate in Independence day celebrations?What can be assumed if a person skips or bunk the Independence day celebrations?Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    Well the patriotic fervor must come from the inside of a person and that cannot be forced by anyone or any organization or even the government by force. Just imagine we are here today having the peaceful lives , thanks to the constant efforts of our freedom fighters and jawans who laid their lives for our future and betterment. Are we not indebted to them and say thanks at least on Independence day ? Surely all the whole heart person wont mind spending few minutes and taking a salute after unfurling the National flag and rending the National Anthem. Nothing would loose if we are with the society and such functions where National pride is discussed and taught.
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    Ok. Here's the difference.
    Patriotism : I want to clean my house to make it look the best.
    Nationalism : my house is the best house and I need you to acknowledge it.

    I'm a patriot. Earth is my India. My country is my planet . I don't need to prove my feelings by visiting a nearby flag hoisting.
    Is it mandatory? I don't think and believe so.
    I acknowledge our freedom, struggles and sacrifices . I can stay at home and celebrate right?
    If people want more audience for a flag hoisting then they need to make it entertaining. Flag hoisting and chocolate distribution merely can't attract many right?
    Organizing dances,songs and drama can be done.
    That way people would attend atleast for entertainment.

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    Though it is not mandatory,every Indian should attend the flag hoisting ceremony in the nearest places. If everybody avoiding or skipping such ceremony,it is better the declaration of holiday is needless. It is our duty to take our children to such places and show them the I Day Paredes either directly or relay I'm TV.

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    Very well said, Aditya! We don't need to go out and attend a flag hoisting to show our feelings of respect towards our country. If someone likes doing it, it's good for him/her, we must respect that but if someone does not want to attend such functions, he shouldn't be forced either. We should have a mutual respect for each other's beliefs.
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    It is not necessary that a person must attend the flag hoisting. What is required is to contribute for nation building and progress in whatever capacity one is.
    The people who do not have solidarity for the country and have no patriotic emotions are simply showing to others their fake faces by pretending to close their eyes while singing or delivering patriotic songs.
    These people are the ones who will ask you why you were absent while hoisting the flag.
    There are many people who are ready to sacrifice their life for the country but do not attend flag hoisting.
    So who is the patriot - one who is blindly attending the ceremony or one who is the real patriot but not attending?

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    I don't feel the people who attend flag hoisting function on Independence are only the real patriotic. There are many ways to show your patriotism. Many people go to the flag hoisting function as a formality and even don't bother to wait till the meeting is over.
    If you are busy and doing something good for the society whenever it is possible, you are much better than people just attend for sweets and chocolates and forget about the society the next moment. I don't think they are contributing anything to this society.
    Every year we carry out flag hoisting function in our Organisation. We conduct games for the employees and winners will be given prizes during the lag hoisting function. Those employees who won the gifts will come 100% to receive their prizes but not with the interest in the function.

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