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    Now the turn for TV serials to spoil childs mind?

    Till now we have seen various channels of all languages in India have shown unimaginable unending serials related to characters of family members and young lovers with great twists and trysts. Peoples of all ages including children got addicted and loosing their valuable time. Now Sony TV entered into another creative path where in its new serial 'Pehredaar Piya Ki' is showing a romance between a 9 year old boy marrying an 19 year old girl, the romance between them,the honeymoon and the ugly dialogues between them. Parents across the country protesting this sick culture related to children entering into Idiot Box and 50,000 people signed and made a petition in the court. Folks, please express your thoughts regarding this issue.
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    Yes this serial is creating hype these days because of discontent among many people for the content shown in it. I haven't seen this serial personally but I read about it in newspaper but I don't think there is any blame to be placed on the makers of such serials because public is still watching such serials and TRP of such serials is always high, If people were against such things they have stopped watching such things. So it should be left on public's will, what they want to watch and what not because we can't stop the people who are going to have bad influence from such things because they will try to find other means for such serials if it 's not television it will be internet places like youtube, hotstar and voot e.t.c there are so many apps available today for watching serials.
    And there are very few who protest against such things but overall masses are still watching such serials.

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    Yes I am also equally concerned with such type of serials which is bent upon spoiling the society in general and children in particular. I just cannot understand why the serials are produced from out of box content as if there is a dearth for good stories inculcating moral lessons to the children. When the child marriage is banned in India and when it is against law, how dare the Sony television chose to telecast such serials which are against the established culture of India. Invariably those television channels which are having roots outside India are tarnishing our image systematically and this must be stopped. Like there is censor board for the film certification, there must be censor board for the small screen so that each and every content aired on television must be reviewed and then passed for public viewership.
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    I don't get it. Many north Indian clans promote child marriage. Marwadis and Rajputs marry at an young age. What this serial is doing, is showcasing the negative side of Indian society.
    So is it that bad. Can't our children note what are the ill effects of child marriage from it?
    Being hostile towards an idea is absurd.
    If you aren't going to show your child both good and bad, then how's he going to tell good apart from bad? We need to keep an open mind.

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    @Ramakrishna : It is good that you pointed out that it is absolutely not right for children to watch such stupid and nonsense sort of stuff, especially the daily soaps that you get on TV. But I don't think that going against and stopping and banning out such serials will help to build up the society. These are your own views and your own thoughts. you are the creator and nurturer of your child , you need to tell them what is wrong and what is right. You need to manipulate the thoughts in an appropriate way to make your child understand the correct sense of it. If possible, do not turn on such TV channels, as it disturbs the home environment. Giving a bad thought about what is being shown on this daily soap does not make sense, even if it is. Because those who are working in that serial also are making an earning and we have no right to point any fingers on them. Instead we can make our mentality and our own thoughts good and let it be not effected by anybody else's view. Hope this opinion helps.

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    TV serials want to show something new and something which is attractive and pulls the audience increasing the TRP and in the process earning good revenue from advertisements.

    Only thing is they should try to remain within the framework of our culture and traditions. Anything which is not within this, will be objected by masses and such petitions will be there.

    The question is what is the role of authorities concerned who are certifying them for viewing. What are the yardsticks for these type of programs for getting clearance for broadcasting?

    Anyway anything for which public protest is there, has to taken up by courts seriously and let us wait for the verdict.

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    I feel children should be kept away from TV as long as possible. They can watch TV only for a limited time that to only those channels which are giving good information useful to them. Discovery channel is one such channel which I know. As a parent we should keep our children away from unnecessary TV programs. Instead of making our children right, asking the government to ban those channels may give unnecessary problems among the public.
    Parents should talk to their children and tell them which is good, which is bad,what to do and what not to do. They should make them to understand the evils of such programs. We should start telling them for their early age itself so that we can convince them. They will get accustomed and they never see such programs. Giving cellphones to children before they complete +2 is also not also not good.

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    Not only now since the inception of televisions the fate of children is out. Many parents are make their children sit before television by selecting some children channel for freeing themselves. This makes children addict to the television and later they starts changing channels and thereby the problem starts. Recently in almost all serials the witch serials, kidnapping children, killing children like incidents are included invariably. By seeing such serials the children as well parents get panic.

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