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    How can we provide youth a fair chance of earning money and continue their studies

    can the new college students that is first year students make money also by concentrating their studies
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    You ask, can students make money while studying? The answer is yes, provided they have the opportunities. Students all over the world, work while they study. They do all kinds of jobs, right from waiting tables to working in a library. However, in all those countries there is the dignity of labour. No job is considered lowly.

    In India, the situation is different. We have a different mindset and people look down upon students earning while studying. There are a few businesses that hire students as part-time workers, but they are far and in between. Not just that the ones that I know of are all MNCs, such as Mc Donald's, KFC, Domino's etc.

    A few students take the initiative and find decent employment. I had a house help, whose daughter joined a BPO after class 12, but continued with her studies. She went on to do an MBA and is now employed as an HR in a multi-national.

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    If you have the to earn and study in tandem, no one would stop you. You can take up any self marketing products to which there wont be any boss monitoring you. Choose a good and regular product which are useful to the house hold and go for door by door selling. On seeing your way of marketing and reveal to the house holds that you are earning to study. Surely all the like minded ladies at every home would support you and thus you will earn some decent income not bothering your parents. Mind it, you must do this marketing activity after the college hours. In the evenings everyone would be available at every home and the marketing can be done with much ease. Never get cunning for earning more. Earn steadily and decent income. That will have your sustained presence in the marketing and you wont disturb others frequently.
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    Yes. People can earn money while they learn. I am an example for that. When I was in my Post Graduation, I used to offer tutions to known students and earning money for my education. I used to spare 2 hours daily in the evening for these tuitions. 10 to 15 students were coming. Each student is paying about Rs.250/- rupees per subject. In a year I was earning about Rs.3500/- rupees which is sufficient those days for my hostel and other expenses. This practice I continued till i move out of the place where i studied. After that my brothers and sisters continued the same and used to earn money for their expenses.
    Now a days many students are distributing news papers house to house in early morning. They may spend a little more than 1 hour and up to 200 papers they will distribute. That is giving about Rs.3000/- to Rs.4000/- a month.
    It is a good practice to earn while you learn. You can also learn while earning in a later stage of the life

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