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    After drop out in mechanical engineering FE

    I'm jamesr
    Last year I was dopout student at the time I m percuing in second year of mechanical engineering.
    After that I was don't clear my kt exams after that hardworking on examination exams practice but don't clear my papers what I do I don't know please help me.
    I m felling most disturbing, tired, and more amount of tension .
    What i do
    My aim is I want become a designer of car parts or cars in mechanical engineering department
    But I don't know what I do how I schedule make please it's my humble request help me.
    Thank you .
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    Surely Mechanical Engineering is the interesting subject and you seems to be having a aim for that course. But what reasons forced you to discontinue the studies, we are not aware. From your submission I can understand that you were drop out from MCEME faculty of Mechanical Engineering. Not every student gets that chance to study in the prestigious college which assures you immediate placement in the Military itself with good scales. And what I feel that you cannot cope up with other subjects than which is most interesting to you. Request the same Institute and join it again if possible and continue.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    As you are more interested in mechnical Engineering works what I suggest first don't worry about your studies. Join in any small mechanical engineering workshop and learn how to operate the machines and how to manufacture the tools and tackles to the design. This will tell you that whether you are really interested in mechnical works. After that you can try to join in any diploma college part time by working in the same workshop. Once you complete your diploma you are a qualified man with experience. You can try in bigger Organisations and if if you feel like you can complete your B.Tech in night college as a part timer. That will give you a better prospectus for future. Unnecessarily worrying about the college at this stage is not correct. Once you gain good experience you can design on your own. Hands on experience is always good.
    always confident

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