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    Which of the following activities will be a good exercise for our health?

    As in Modern days, our lives are so fast as we can't spare a single minute for our health because of busy schedules in our day to day activities as in the morning we woke up some people will do different exercises
    4)Doing exercise at home
    7)A Brisk walk in our home Lawn or parks or on roads.
    8)Playing badminton or any game.

    If the time constraint is equal for all these. Which of these activities will be a good exercise for our health.Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    I give preference to brisk walking as the best exercise to exert and have good maintaining of our body and health. By brisk walking, you sweat out immediately and that will remove unwanted fats in our body and there by slim looks. By doing jogging, one may have the pain of legs in the long run as the muscle catch in thigh is always possible for those who are not habituated to such jogging in past. Running is not possible to many. Yoga is possible for everyone, but that may not get the inner satisfaction as we are confined to home and no mingling with others. Gym and aerobics are subject to indoor activities for which many wont prefer and the walking in the lawns of the garden would be boring as one has to walk in the limited place which would be short lived exercise. There fore I strongly recommend brisk walking the best.
    K Mohan
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    As you said, we lack time right. So playing a sport is out of question. Though try playing atleast once a week. Gym too cannot be visited because of lacking time right? Aerobics and Yoga shouldn't be done without an instructor. If done improperly, they'll worsen the shape of body. Brisk walking at home seems nice. Walking and jogging atleast can be done on your way to office. You don't even need money or instructions for these activities. I'll prefer running more than anything else because it ensures full body exercise. You regulate everything from your breath to your movement while running.
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    Yoga, exercises and brisk walk in home or nearby are some good options in todays life.

    Yoga is basically for toning of the body. You do not sweat while you do yoga. The art of slow inhaling and exhaling makes yoga a powerful tool for revitalizing our body. Many exercises which we do are based on yoga positions.

    The exercises which one can do in his house are the basic ones for keeping the back, neck and legs in good form. Many doctors do not recommend medicines for sprain in back. They simply tell to do one or two exercises for back and usually the sprain is gone in no time.

    Brisk walk is for burning the extra calories and very much recommended for fat or bulky persons. Combination of above is quite satisfactory for keeping a good health.

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    Above all the listed,my view is as follows:
    In those days we used to lie on floor by spreading shatranj,pillows & bed spreads and in the morning we fold them as our hands are streched,bend down to take them,for keeping them in lady we are nearly hopping. Ladies are in the job of cleaning the entrance by sprinkling water,decorating with Rangoli as their fingers and hip got bend. These were good alternate to excercise.But presently as we do not do such things separate excercise required

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    There is good sense in Ramachandran Pattabiraman's post.
    State of health can be maintained by our life style itself. There is no necessary to find separate time and venue for activities that will lead to health.
    Old timers used to say that if our intake(food) output (excretions),are regulated and normal and if our physical activity and rest are also proper and normal, then we need not do anything extra for mainating a healthy state of life and longevity. Prayer also should fit in somewhere in this to have health and peace for mind also.

    The invasion of our space by mechanical aids made our physical activity almost NIL. That is the first cause for ill health. We got much time and we used that extra time for so-called entertainments , tasty food, and 'rest'. Our food-activity-rest- excretion cycle became erratic and all our systems started malfunctioning.

    If we can review and analyse our pattern of activities, food and life style we can find that in each and everything ,including prayers and pooja, there was some kind of activity for each part of the body and also to mind.
    So exercise was inbuilt in our life style itself. There was no necessity t find separate time for that.

    If not fully going back to old times, at least we can bring back some of them to be part of our daily life and stay healthy.

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    I give credence to the house hold exercises also which are done by the ladies of those days. When there were no mixers and they used to make dough manaully and in Tamil we call it Ammi or Enthiram. The exercise was perfect and they used to get good strength to the hands and some ladies had the guts to beat a erring man with one fist fight and he is grounded. Like wise cleaning utensils, cleaning the house and mopping the entire house, then washing the clothes manually and the doing cooking, all these works goes through lots of exertion and that is also considered the best exercise.
    K Mohan
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    Walking is a good exercise for all ages. Early morning going for about 3 Km walk will keep you always fit and happy. This is the best exercise many doctor's suggest. As mentioned by many authors in their threads if we plan our work in such a way that exercise is a part and parcel of our work. When I was in a manufacturing Industry, I used to go round the facility daily two times. The total distance is coming to about 5 Kms. So no separate walking was needed. My father used to go to his office daily on foot. Two times going and two times coming. Total distance is 4 kms. So no separate walking is required. But basically for the people who sit in the office 8 hours for work, walking is very much required. So they should also get up from the seat once in while and walk for a few meters and come back. That will give them better fitness. Another thing we can do use, avoid using lifts for 1 or 2 floors. That will also become a good exercise.
    Everybody should walk for sometime everyday to keep themselves fit.

    always confident

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