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    ISC Birthday slogan - Cash prize 250 rupees for best one.

    hai members,
    Post new and radical birthday wishes for ISC as a slogan. Most attractive slogan will be selected on July 1st. And get 250 cash award .

    This will be the birth day gift from ISC for u.
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    Bharath Sudar

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    Okay, good program.

    We will give Rs 250 cash credits for the best one.

    - Tony

    Tony John
    Webmaster -

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    Thanks tony to give cash award for this program.
    Bharath Sudar

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    2008 being an Olympic year
    ISC will grow faster,
    ISC will reach higher,
    ISC will become stronger and
    No doubt will win the top rank.

    With rgards

    Jose Mathew
    Webmaster ISC

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    Thank you jose
    Bharath Sudar

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    Thank you

  • #15425
    Thank you

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    Come on members post ur slogans and geet rupees 250 cash prize
    Bharath Sudar

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    Happy Birthday To ISC members and staff for completion of its successful, prosperous one year.
    I wish it grows exponentially every year.

    Keep \m/ing
    A TRUE ISCian

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    Not a first birthday ISC is stronger longer more than that.

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    The quicker picker upper, happy birthday ISC

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    May birthday of ISC bring
    as much happiness to it,
    As ISC give to everyone
    Who knows ISC.

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    Today is special. I hope it's great. It's your Birthday, so celebrate.

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    Birthdays are good for you. Statistics show that the people who have the most live the longest.

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    nice try

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    Birthday wishes to ISC-Family of 40,260 member. I hope of 50,000 wishes on Birthday.
    Gurvinder Singh

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    Sure, gurvinder, It will reach a lakh on next birthday.
    Bharath Sudar

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    ISC is the best forget the rest!

    Long Life my lovely ISC. You really have a long road to GO! Go.. Go.. Go for it my friend

    "ISC : Education Undisputed"

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    ISC Birthday Slogan

    Right Career for Bright Students.
    Bring the world with new hope.
    Give guidance to the financial jungle.
    Sharp thoughts, Shape future.

    Have more members.
    Do more, Live more.

    Wish you Happy Birthday to ISC.

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    Integrity is one of several paths; it distinguishes itself from the others because it is the right path and the only one upon which you will never get lost.

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    "East or West ISC is the best "

    "Summer or Winter ISC is cool"

    "Rains and storms the members have been together
    To keep alive this wonderful fire
    But let's not forget the ones who started this fire
    And celebrate with them the birth of the fire"

    Happy birthday ISC and hope the fire never rests.

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    Habby Birthday Dear ISC, Proud be a friend of you, the following is the special Add on on your First Birthday,

    "ISC - We Bank Questions"

    “ Make them Feel that they have missed you, Make your Life in such a way that every one need's to be With You – Saleem “

    Spam Is Illegal, Please Don't Spam And Keep ISC Clean

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    good one neyha,
    ISC is really hot

    Bharath Sudar

  • #15754

    Like a pearl in Deep-sea,
    I found ISC...

    Like a star from the blue,
    ISC shone at me...

    Like the thunder,
    once ISC struck me...

    Like a lighthouse,
    guide me to Learn...

    Hey… you are the key to My Success!

    -- Mohan Padarthi

    Mohan - Ambigram Designer

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    Nice dude!!!!
    Bharath Sudar

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    The words can tell

    - about the scentenses.

    The Past can tell

    - about the experiences.

    The present can tell

    - about your Achievements and Mistakes.

    But the ISC says to
    - Learn Earn Share for the Sucesses.

    Happi Birthday to ISC.

    Mohan - Ambigram Designer

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    A Very Happy, Happy Birthday To Our Dear ISC.
    ISC - The Best Educational Portal I Have Seen Ever.
    ISC Rocks Forever.
    Wishing A Great Endless Journey To ISC.

    Best Regards,

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    As a name carved on the bark of a sapping, grows with the growth of the tree, May the name and fame of ISC grow as the days pass by.

    Happy Birthday to our own ISC.

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    Good one kenny and saranya
    Bharath Sudar

  • #15981
    good one kenny.

  • #15997
    Good innovation from the guys: mohan,kenny..

    Keep going

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    Birthday will come once in a year, but it made a huge excitements forever.
    Happy birthday Indiastudychannel.

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    Thanks, friends.

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    enter a room-darkness all around
    i went from room to room, until a glow was seen at last, and guess who it was,
    yes it was ISC which showed me the road to sucess.
    and, today is the day the glow had appeared first and i pray that it glows even brighter helping unfortunate students like me.

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    Good one hima!
    Bharath Sudar

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    I was actually thinking about referring this splendid site to my friends . But what should i tell them ? Then suddenly a line clicked. This site is a storehouse of knowledge undoubtedly however to attract most of the students it contains the cash credit system and other revenue method so that we can "EARN" and "LEARN" simultaneously. So according to me it is --------

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    Nice amit
    Bharath Sudar

  • #16698
    We are growing and glowing friend's keep all your good works
    “ Make them Feel that they have missed you, Make your Life in such a way that every one need's to be With You – Saleem “

    Spam Is Illegal, Please Don't Spam And Keep ISC Clean

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    amit and syed nice slogans yaar

  • #16778
    ISC ,what is it?
    well, it is the mother of modern learning in a fun way with friends never heard or seen before"

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    Good one hima
    Bharath Sudar

  • #17402
    Work for ISC;ISC will work for you.

    ISC is a Plant;It will grow and give you flowers(points) and fruits(cash credits) only when you water(resources) it.

    India News

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    Birthday Slogan for ISC:
    "Let everysurfer find a way to your site as you provide light like a Sunshine....wishing ISC Happy Clicks Birthday!"

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    Many many happy returns of the day
    "If you wish to reach at the highest begin from the lowest"
    "lost time is never found again"

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    Knowledge.. Fun.. Friends.. Puzzles.. Prizes..
    Only from India Study Channel.Com

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    Give & Get
    Not Give but Get

  • #17463
    "ISC enjoying ISC"

    "Indian study channel" enjoying "Incredible success celebrations" on this birth day

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    Mr.tushar batra(noddy),
    May i know what ISC had cheated you?
    Please put forward here, if u have given the right words that u had been chaeted by ISC,I don't think that Tony is a chaether and ISC is a cheating website.
    When I was gold member i put forward a complaint about ISC like you, then i realised that ISC is really a genuine website, and tony a gentlemen.
    Why i am saying this because i troubled tony and other admins a lot by posting wrong opinion about ISC. But still they liked my hard work and contribution to ISC and made me as an ediotr. This will show you how genuine they are?

    And please avoid these things **** if u will be going to continue these four astrichs again means please add "ER" to that and keep that with you.

    Bharath Sudar
    Editor Of

    Bharath Sudar

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    Bharath Sudar

  • #17690

    Bharath Sudar

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    I have a flair for writing poems.

    A tribute and wishes to this site can't be rolled up and wrapped in few words of a slogan therefore - to present a tribute to this lovable site I am writing a small piece.

    I believe the best gift can be in the form of WORDS that come directly from heart.

    These feelings are truly genuine for this site.
    I feel many have the same buried in their hearts.
    Thanks for giving such an opportunity.

    Happy Birthday!

    This piece of mine will adorn your success and your achievements since the the last year. Do accept it!!!

    A calender ago , this Internet surfing became a boon for us .
    365 days back God wrote 'a bag full of bucks destiny' for us.
    A year back we got that which we never dreamt of.
    12 months back we were blessed with opportunities that we had never thought of.
    I am talking about none else ,
    But the site that made us earn and live for selves.
    Don't stress yourself dear , we got a beautiful gift in the last civil year,
    Friends I am talking about ISC - a site with rolling gear.
    A dreamland for those who wish to earn and learn.
    You can call it a social networking-site or entertainment' firm.
    Not only it got earning sources for us,
    But the gift bag brought an education accolade for the plebs.

    The year that made you grow old,
    Has many memories that can't ever be told.
    ISC I wish that your journey lasts forever,
    and with that your hopes soar high all ever.
    An odyssey to success I wish for you,
    We the ISC members will always support you - and that's true.
    You guided us whenever we went wrong,
    Your principles made us learn things for life long.
    ISC you came as an angel to our life,
    ..and blessed our lives by ending our strife.
    ISC , an year that you lived we lived with you ,
    an year that you headed we progressed with you.
    You fed us with many prospects and opportunities,
    You added to our means and earnings.
    With you our aspirations and dreams are annexed,
    With you only those joyous moments are fastened.

    I can't stop praising this site,
    Even my hands aren't getting tired writing about there 'Brownie Points' .
    I wish good luck to this site for the years to come,
    I wish they prosper and progress,though whatever may come.
    I greet them in such a way that they bloom with time,
    ...and so by this piece I want to immortalize this site with my rhyme.


    Happy Birthday ISC !

  • #17709
    ISC -
    A reliable site that gives platform to your flairs ,
    A site that greets you with many avenues and breaks.
    It came as a boon for the internet users,
    It gave us opportunities to fulfill our dreams with roalling gears.
    You are the hinge of education , learning , earning and entertainment.
    Thats why I adorn your name with the tag of - 'A source of EDUTAINMENT'.
    Wish you luck and prosperity ,
    we shall always add to your integrity.
    You are a gift from GOD to fulfill our desires,
    You are a bag full of awards and surprises.
    You are an honour for the internet populace,
    You have a high place in this earthly face.
    You are the dream that we saw,
    You are a bank to deposit less and more to withdraw.
    From you we have learnt much.
    You ISC came in the form of a heavenly touch .


    Happy Birthday ISC!!

    Wishing you good luck for years to come.

  • #18152
    The winner is announced here -
    Tony John
    Webmaster -

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