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    Do you think any new actor matching with old actor?

    Do you think any new actor is matching with old actor? Like Salman khan can you compare him with Vinod khanna or Sunil datt or any other actors?
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    If we consider the acting of the actors of Hindi film industry, many actors can easily outperform the actors of previous era. The actors of previous era used to overact and didn't have any sense of timing, dialogue-delivery, etc. They used to do their make-up horribly. Nana Patekar, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Irfan Khan, Piyush Pande, Anupam Kher, etc. will beat the actors of previous era hands down. In this connection, my Forum post on previous actors:-
    Why do Indian film-goers like mannerism and unnatural over-acting?

    In a nutshell, I find the acting skill of the actors of previous era laughable.

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    Comparisons are so unfair, because what do you compare? All actors have their own style of acting.

    I was a huge fan of Vinod Khanna, and I have said this before, he reminded me of the comic-book character (super-hero category) Phantom, the Ghost who walks. Sunil Dutt, well I have seen many of his movies, courtesy Doordarshan, but I was never a fan. I have seen just a few of Salman Khan's movies.

    Neither Vinod Khanna nor Sunil Dutt had a fan following like Salman Khan. I don't much care for the latter's style of acting, but that doesn't stop other people from being crazy about him.

    We did/do have some great actors, there is Sanjeev Kumar, Guru Dutt, Anupam Kher, Pankaj Kapur, Nana Patekar, Om Puri, Naseeruddin Shah, Dilip Kumar, Kamal Hassan, Irfan Khan, and Aamir Khan to name a few. But, it would be wrong to compare their acting abilities. They are/were great in their own way.

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    I think matching actors can be one type of interesting game its not question on ability and acting.
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    Some of the new actors are very good and some of the old actors were also very good. It is a fact that some of the new actors may pick up some mannerisms of old actors and it may show in their acting. There is nothing wrong or serious in that. In theatres and movies area it is a common thing to take some acting tip from someone.

    Some hindi actors have taken some styles from hollywood counterparts. In fashion, showbiz and picture industry it is a daily affair to copy and adopt it and present it slightly different way.

    There are many people who have seen lot of english as well as hindi movies. They will tell you the similiarties of styles and actions of one actor with other.

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    I do not think any new actor or actress can better be compared with the old actors or actress. Because each one of them have their own caliber and attitude for which they are famous and still doing. For example we cannot get another Dev Anand, another Rajesh Khanna and another Amitabh Bachhan. Each one of them are stalwarts in their own way and none catch match or copy others. In fact the good old actors and actress have left a great stamp on the Indian film Industry and may be the new actors and actress may copy and try to be their copy cat for survival but that wont last long.
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    I don't think it is correct to compare these days actors to olden days actors. Those days the tastes of viewers are different from these days. Tamilians earlier days and even today also to some extent like over acting. Very high pitch dialogues are also liked those days. So actors are trying to do the same so that they will get recognition. The old people always say N T Rama Rao was a good actor. But if we compare his dancing skills with that of Junior NTR, he stand nowhere. But NTR Senior is considered as the best actor for roles like, krishna,duryodhana, Rama and other mythological characters.
    Those days also there were good actors and bad actors. These days also good actors and bad actors are there. We can't see another N T Rama Rao. Or. Amitab .

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    How old do you think your Bollywood celebs are? What if I say so many of our Bollywood celebrities look younger than their actual age? You may get shocked after knowing about some celebrities who share same age but looks really different from each other.
    6 Pairs Of Celebrities You Didn't Know Were Of The Same Age

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    Hi DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao,
    I totally agree with you, we can't compare present actors with older ones because the whole film industry has changed in terms of acting, movies, script etc.

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