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    What kind of emotions runs inside you during flag hoisting and when Tricolour fly high.

    The Nation is celebrating its 71th Independence Day tomorrow and here I am with this thread.

    Its important, in fact most important that what kind of feeling you have for your country. Different people have different feeling according to their age and experience yet, the basic feeling is the same. Matured people like me, may be more emotional towards it, because we have heard the main story behind our independence from our parents or grandparents. If not everything, but we know the sacrifice of Indian people from all part of India.

    So, I would like to ask my fellow members, what do you feel or what kind of emotions runs when you see the Tricolour flying high. It will be great if we all came together in this thread and express our feelings.

    I know, I am not perfect like many people. I have my minus and plus in me. However, I am honest with my patriotic feelings towards my country like anyone else. So, here is my feelings when I see the Tricolour flying high with pride.

    "I keep looking at the Tricolour during National Anthem is on. A different kind of Tide comes and goes within me which brings me goosebumps, I go into history, remembering people those who sacrifice their life for us be it a normal people or soldiers. Then I don't think whether I am from North or South, East or West, my religion become just one and that is Indian. I feel proud to born in this country and feel proud of being an Indian."

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    While seeing the tricolor hoisted and flying different emotions are arised in different people.

    Some feel that it is the great occasion to celeberate and remember the great heroes who have sacrificed their life for our country and the great leaders who did real efforts to get the country independence and got it out of the clutches of British regime.

    Others feel that it is only a formality and waste of time to show crocodiles tears in front of the public and below that people are accomplishing their selfish motives.

    Whatever the feeling one has we can not deny that it is an important day for us and for our country. Only thing is how to celeberate it.

    One of my colleague told - let us go in the lanes outside and clean them and show to others that we have to do cleaning on such occasions.
    Another person says let us not sit in our houses but go to our work place and do some extra work. There are suggestion from each and everyone.

    So the question how does one want to celeberate has varying answers from various people but everyone agrees that it is to be celeberated in a good and rememberable way.

    In my opinion we should try to celeberate in some constructive way like sports, quizzes, song competition etc.

    Emotions are generated from circumstances. If someone is suffering by not getting a job because he could not give bribe, his emotions will be full of anger and anti establishment.

    So if we want good and soft emotions there should be good governance, transparency and honesty in workplaces.

    Knowledge is power.

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    For me great emotions come from the deep heart on seeing the National flag unfurled. It is a great moment to watch our national flag unfurled and the flowers are poured on the guests who are taking salute at the base. I always make a point to wait for some time and watch the big National flag which keeps on waving against the wind. The flag is so big and the post is so high, we can appreciate the flag from the other side of Hussain Sagar lake in Hyderabad and that gives the gif effect as if we are seeing the flag moving in slow waves. I really get happy on seeing the flag and remember those for a while who gave their life for our freedom.
    K Mohan
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    It unwinds a great feeling of Indian when we see a flag is hoisted. yesterday I was travelling. Near Eluru, West Godavari Dt., AP, I saw a big Indian tricolor flag waving against the wind. A big post, a big flag and lot of decoration around the flag, made me so happy, I requested my son to stop the vehicle for a while. I got down from the vehicle and saluted that big flag. It has given me a heavenly feeling without any other aspect coming to my mind at that particular moment of time. This is what I experience yesterday.
    Many people will definitely feel blessed to see the our flag flying high. We are not doing any favour to this country except paying tax as per our income. But we all expect many things from the country.
    As a Citizen of India at least spend two moments to hear the National Anthem and salute the Indian flag.

    always confident

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