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    The man who eats electricity

    Here is the story of a strange man from Muzaffarnagar (U.P.) who is immune to electricity. The middle-aged man of around 42 years can withstand a current of 11000 volts. He takes electric charge for about ten minutes and as per his version, it keeps him energetic for the whole day.

    This extra-ordinary power of the man came to light about four years ago when, he accidentally touched a naked electric wire without getting electrocuted.

    According to a report, if a tester is touched to his body, it glows showing the presence of electric current. He can even light a bulb without connecting it to the supply line.

    Have any of you ever heard of such an incident before or one similar to it?
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    I have not seen such a person but have read about these unbelievable people in news and literature many times. It is difficult to explain this phenomenon scientifically.

    In human body the tolerance for voltage is only upto 60-70 volt and after that one starts that tingling feeling. What we feel is the sensation that happens in our body when current passes through it.

    If that person is immune to electricity then it is a mystery still to be unravelled. I have read many such mysterious things even from reputed and reliable sources but not lucky enough to see them in person.

    Unfortunately scientific community also do not take them as a project for study until unless someone sponsors it. So these things remain unexplored and unsolved.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Some people are made strange by the God and by virtue of it they become famous and formidable. This man seems to be acquainted with current shocks of high voltage and thus his body accepts the current and that is turned as the food for energy to him. But I getting doubt on this. How can be lead a normal life. He cannot marry as anybody touching him would get the shock. That means he has to waste his life and be a show piece for the others. He may eke out money for the living, but he may not lead a normal life like us. What would be the solution to disconnect his electrified body structure ?
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    I never heard any person of this type. I heard some people toned up with small doses of Poison from their childhood and slowly increasing the dosage without any effect on the person. That person can survive and he is immune to poison. If he bites anybody or his blood comes in contact with the blood of others, the other person is in danger. He should be treated immediately the way in which we treat for s snake bite.
    Similarly, form his early ages, this man might have started giving electric shocks for small times and made his body to withstand that shock for some time. Slowly he might have increased the duration and voltage of the current. This is a way of tuning our body. In early 70s we used to see persons in the road with only a small underwear and beating himself very hard on all parts of his body and never feels any pain. This is how they used to beg. We were thinking that they apply some leave juice to the body. That practice of hitting with a rubber body and not feeling any pain is also a toning of the body by practicing the same.

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    This is a new information for me. Thanks for sharing this interesting information.
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    As per the report available, the power didn't develop through regular practice but it came as a sudden influx.

    Every day is a new day for learning something new.

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    "The middle-aged man of around 42 years can withstand a current of 11000 volts."

    Withstanding 11000 volts is unimaginable, especially when there are instances of people being electrocuted using regular house hold appliances. I mean that is the kind of power that passes through high-tension cables. That much power could char you to cinders I would think. Imagine what would happen to the brain, the heart and the other organs.

    If he can light a bulb, then how come people coming in contact with him do not get electrocuted? How come only the bulb knows it has to glow? How come the electricity does not get passed on to whatever else he touches? The ground around him should also conduct electricity and give others a shock.

    How come the mainstream newspapers have not picked up this 'amazing' feat? Honestly, this seems to be a hoax. It is hard to believe. I am sceptical. I am reminded of the guy who made 'herbal petrol' and the media went into a tizzy about the achievement, and a lot of tamasha happened before it was proven that it was a hoax.

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