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    As a plastic bottle, please crush after using me!

    As a Water bottle or a soft drink in plastic bottle as you buy me when you are thirsty so after using me do not throw the bottles on roads or in public places because some people reuse me for their needs and reselling it for the different purposes with out recycling or cleaning me as it is a health hazard for others who reuse me with out recycling. As my sincere request is to crush me when I am used. As I am also advising the sellers do not sell me without recycling. As I came to know that straws which are used to help to drink the liquid are also reused without recycling please do not do that.
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    This is a good appeal coming from the author. The other day when I went to give send off to a relative at the Secunderabad Railway , I found a urchin collecting the uncrushed water bottles lying on the track and just imagine the same bottles are used for refilling the water and then supplied to us. So it is must and imperative to throw the bottles after crushing only so that it is not put to re-use but must be recycled. For that matter we must use the water packets than water bottles because water packets cannot be reused and it has to be recycled. Nevertheless the authorities at Rail stations and bus stations must not allow the urchins to pick up uncrushed bottles.,
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Nice thoughts, well narrated. The plastic disposables are consumed in very big quantity and it has become a big environmental hazard. The rag pickers are collecting these items and selling to the kabari for small sums. Most of these plastic items are recycled in form of cheap plastic material. The bottles and boxes which are not crushed are reused and are a very big health hazard.

    It is very necessary to crush the bottles after use and this message has to go deep into the population so that people can be aware of the dangers lurking out of this lapse.

    Knowledge is power.

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    It is a real good thread advising people not to reuse the plastic bottles. To avoid reusing everybody has to crush the bottle thoroughly before throwing it out. Otherwise many unwanted things will happen and spoil our health. It is that we are purchasing ill health by paying money.
    I advise people to sue only standard company manufactured mineral water only. Many places by purchasing water empty bottles new one and filling tap water and closing it. A fake label will be attached to the bottle. So either Aqua fresh or Kinley may be better than these local makes.
    It is also advisable to not to use plastic containers for drinking tea or coffee.
    I have seen in some places reusing of plastic glasses also. They are very thin and difficult to hold. But people are trying to reuse for drinking water. In my opinion it is also not good. Once you use it, crush it and throw in the dustbin.

    always confident

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