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    Do you think Global peace ambassadors have a role to play in present tense situations?

    In Their speeches, they will tell we are sent by God as ambassadors for to keep peace and harmony in this world as there is a twitter war going between North Korea and United states of America and between India and China as they are provoking each other to get ready for war.Where are these Global peace ambassadors of different religions?As they only present for the collection of monetary funds?Why can't they meet at a place and discuss this issue and meet the heads of the respective nation to cool this tense situation?Can Kim the Republic of Korea, and Triumph the president of America will listen to the words of Global Peace Ambassadors and similar to India Prime Minister and Chinese Priminister?Do you think Global peace ambassadors have a role to play in tense situations?
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    Global Speech Ambassadors are merely on papers and when the time was ripe for their intervention and negotiation to ease of tension between the two war mongering countries, they miserably fail. Moreover some arrogant leaders who are the heads of the government by virtue of their terror tactic cannot and wont heed to the advise of so called peace leaders. They are bent upon creating the worst ever war and if that starts, that would be end of the world as every country has to take sides and fight to the hilt. Only good sense should prevail on those erring leaders who are provoking other countries for war just to show off their supremacy.
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    I don't think they can make any mark on these leaders who are having their own agendas. Their speeches will be good to hear. But difficult to apply. If they come into picture the entire situation will take a new turn. If a peace making sadhu meets Modi and try to tell him something about peace, the electronic media will start canvassing that Modi is being advised by Hindu Sadhus for taking decisions on the ruling of the country. Endless discussion on channels. It will become a two way hits to the rulers. First they have to concentrate on internal problems which are arising out of these activities. Hence it may be good if they are not making any such attempts.
    I think UNO has a big role to play in this tense moments. They should prevail upon all country heads that war is not an option for solving the problems. They should try to stop these attacks on each other which may take any ugly turn at a later date.

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