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    Is it possible to yield vegetables in your home terrace or in front of the house?

    When I was in 5th Class we have some place in front of my house as I am spending my summer vacation I plough the land with small crowbar(not exactly a crowbar) and sow the lady finger seeds as they fastly grown and we have at least 1/4kg of lady's fingers get ready with in one and one and half month.Is it possible to yield vegetables in the home terrace or in front of the house?There are two benefits in that 1)you can't bother that vegetable prices get raised
    2)A good exercise for your body. Do you agree with me?Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    Yes if you have the spare space in front of the house or the back yard, or even in the terrace if some open spaces are available, you can rear vegetables for the house hold use. Tomatoes, Ladies finger, Brinjal, Field beans and pumkin are some of vegetables which can be steadfastly grown, provided you take care of the plants by nurturing it daily. Even green chillies can be produced in the pot plant mode and that is very effective. It is always a pride factor to rear the vegetables in the house yard and using the same for our cooking purpose. You can also have the onions and potato plants the same way.
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    I have some open space in front of my house and back side of the house. The construction is planned in such a may that I will have some open space for gardening . My wife is very much interested in growing plants and trees. She will take care of the entire activity. Many flower plants are there and daily those flowers are used for puja of God.
    There are some plants of vegetables like brinjal, mirchi, donda and bendi. There is a mango tree and banana trees. Many days we will manage with these vegetables. She will distribute the vegetables to the neighbors. These are all grown organically without using any chemicals.
    In addition to that we have some pots for plants. We keep them on our terous and in the balcony of the first floor.
    It keeps good environment and less pollution. We feel happy by spending some time in that small planted area.

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    Yes certainly. When I was in the schooling that is in the year 1968 to 1977 we were living in a house with upstairs as open terrace. After a year gap something was in mind to plant vegetable plants through bucketful sand. Accordingly with permission of my grandfather, as we were living in a joint family of total 15 persons, I planted seeds of bindi, cluster beans, tomato, bitter guard in the open terrace. By grace of God,the plants grew well and gave a good yield. Almost daily we used to get good vegetables for sambar for the total family. But after my entry into employment, we lived in chennai, that too in an individual house with good land around but the total sand was not good to plant any plants even flower plants.

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    I have interest in gardening since my childhood but due to some reasons I could not spend much time for that. At my native place, my father used to grow tomatoes, green chili, marigold and many others vegetable and flower plants. We were also having 2 guava trees, one lemon tree and one mango tree in the open area we had in front of our house.
    Now days, such open spaces are rarely available in cities but I am trying to grow tomatoes, green chili, Aleovera and coriander in my balcony. Among them, coriander is growing quite good, tomato and chili plants are also growing good but flower buds are still awaited.


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    It is quite possible provided you have the space, time, and a little interest in gardening. After all, vegetables are grown on soil. If there is a little space in or around the house, which is scarcely available in big cities theses day, you can grow many vegetables.

    vegetables like tomato, green chilli, brinjal, lady's finger etc. do not need much space and care and can be grown even on the terrace using tubs or baskets. In the initial stage, help can be taken from some experienced people. They can advice you about the type of soil and manure to be used.
    By growing vegetables at home, one can not only get fresh vegetables, cut down expenses on purchasing them from the market but also great mental satisfaction.

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