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    Are we really independent ?

    Today we celebrated the 70th independence day of our country. The flag hosting took place on the India Gate and was being done by our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi. We all gave slogans of "Vande Mataram" "Jai Hind". Our soldiers presented the beautiful and artistic view of parade followed by our national anthem. People f
    rom different states took participation and showed and presented their culture and tradition in the Parade held at India Gate. But here I got a question for all , are we really independent? Do we actually feel the freedom of thought, actions, words even today in our country. If we think on this topic, the discussion is just not going to end. If we talk in terms of society, does this society still accepts girls who work in night shifts? Can girls still wear short clothes, do they still have the right to pursue career of their choice?? Are they free for all this? The crime is increasing day by day, still more of rape cases, molestation, still harassment being faced in work environment. But still we believe we are independent. If a girl is born in a village, once she completes her education, she is being forced to get married, and in most cases, she is not even able to complete her education and her parents ask her to marry as they think that is the ultimate goal of her life :( I feel really ashamed of such poor and worse thoughts that people have. Women empowerment and education are the two most important concerns that India needs to be educated. People of village and small districts need to be educated and taught about Girl's education and need to be taught that how valuable a girl child is. Reservations and Quotas still available in competitive examinations, special quotas still being given with a name of Other backward class, schedule castes, why is all this still taking part ?
    Students those who are belonging to general category have to face hectic conditions to get admissions in good colleges, inspite of getting good grades. Inspite of everyone having the same knowledge and intelligence, preference is first given to the people from OBC, SC's, ST's etc.... This tells that the "casteism" still exists in our country. People are just ready to kill each other in the name of religion. Stress, need for more money, increasing inflation have all caused human beings to die everyday at their work in order to feed their family. Watsapp, Snapchat, facebook and other social medias are taking over the healthy family discussions. Still we think we are happy and independent..
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    I can understand the pain of the author while posting this thread. It is the fact that we are living in the situation of preference to caste, having cut throat competition, corrupted people amid us, and above all cunning politicians who promise heaven and delivers nothing. Still just imagine the situation during Brithsh Raj that you were totally controlled by them, no freedom of expression, no freedom of moment and no freedom of speech. That situation would have been more dangerous and probably India study channel may not have been created. So let us change the system and cleanse the way we want.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Are we independent? Can we see thing as it is? Can we judge each and every event impartially? Don't we judge every event from the perspective of a political philosophy? Don't we judge every incident affected by the impact of presence of one or more personality (-ties)?

    In actuality, in this world, nobody is independent. It is not possible.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    @ 605866 Mr.Partha: I would need you to please explain me the meaning of lines that you have written :
    "Don't we judge every event from the perspective of a political philosophy? Don't we judge every incident affected by the impact of presence of one or more personality (-ties)?"
    I really want to understand your point here. CAN you please elaborate.


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    Thanks Mr. Mohan for your view. I completely agree but I would also want to say that these are the issues which our country is still facing, the government still needs to understand and take appropriate actions and add regulations and laws to create an impact. Yes, definitely , the situation during British Raj was the most worse and I will salute all our freedom fighters for this, because how we are today is all because of their efforts.
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    Ms. Srivastava: Let me substantiate my view with a current example. Love-jihad has become a very alarming problem in Kerala. Yesterday, the Hon'ble Supreme Court directed the NIA to investigate the matter and also the alleged link between ISIS and those unfortunate women who have fallen in the trap of love-jihad. It is an apolitical decision/direction solely keeping in mind the the well-being of these women and threat to our Motherland. But some people are condemning the direction of Hon'ble Supreme Court 'from the perspective of a political philosophy'.

    I think I have made myself clear now.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Yes , Mr Partha , this made the point very clear now. Thankyou so much for the explanation. :) Even I was reading about this case . It is really bad to see how people are converting to other religions and here in this case a complete trap of this muslim guy who for the sake of turning the girl to muslim, married her, spoiling her complete life. Now, this is coming to be one more issue in our Indian society where people are converting to other religions. It is not wrong that people have right to practice any religion of their choice. But those people who are converted , try to convert other people to their religion that is not right and really not acceptable.
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