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    Comment on deleted thread

    An interesting thread "Surprising news on Shiva temples location "is deleted. I would like to add my comments on that thread.
    Many of the ancient Temples and other structures (Example: Angkor Temple in Cambodia and Egyptian pyramids) were built based on the precessional motion of the Earth.
    Vedic texts, a rich repository of Indian mythology contains many coded precessional data which modern science is trying hard to crack. Number of stanzas, syllables etc of Rigveda is related to precessional motion. Rishis were supposed to wrote all those scripts. Who were Rishis? How they knew the precessional motion? How they connected to other lost civilsations?
    Can anybody give more insights on the above subject?
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    Rishis are great seers / sages of the ancient times in India. These sages had great yogic powers and intense tapo shakthi i.e the power acquired through deep meditation. Through their yogic and meditation powers they gained eternal / cosmic knowledge and could realize the truth.

    Based on their tapo shakthi these rishis acquired titles like Brahma Rishi, Raja Rishi, Deva Rishi and Maharishi. These rishis are considered as ancient scientists of Hinduism as they had great scientific outlook yet were spiritual in nature. These great ancient sages had co-existed with nature in harmony. They were too humble and never harmed any living creature.

    They had unusual extraterrestrial powers of predicting the happenings / events of the near future. They could travel in space / time and communicate with the beings of the other worlds i.e gods / devas.

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    According to our religious books and references, the Rishis and Munis were much powerful because they left all their comforts of life and lived with the nature in the forest with deep penance and even guided by their respective God in the hour of search for peace and existence. Since they had the total surrender attitude towards the God , their nurturing was natural and they used to get things for granted. That way they were walking with bare foot from one place to another without navigational instrument or so. In fact we should be proud of our great saints who were not only lived for more years but also sustained with good health.
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    Rishis or munis are people with immense knowledge in sanskrit and vedas. They don't have any selfish motos in their life except getting merged with the God. They do lot of meditation and concentrate on a particular issue immensely. They have very high level IQ. They read the vedas and from them they understand how to make weapons etc. Atharvana Veda tells about the manufacture of various weaponry and missiles. Sama veda tells about music.These saints used to read these Vedas and understand the subject and used to make as required. Viswamitra taken Rama and Lakshmana to forest and taught them how to make all these. These saints never misused their talent and used only for killing the bad people. They are all more spiritual in nature. They don't have the rules like,wearing a shoe and tie, coat, every day shaving so on and so forth. They give more importance for inner beauty than outside appearance. The same vedas now pursued by many scientists but find it very difficult. That is the scientific knowledge coupled with spiritual nature.
    Even today the panchangas predict the motion of sun and moon so accurately and they will make the calendar and time will follow the same pattern. A pandit sitting in his house with some intelligent mathematics is doing all these calculations.

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