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    Blue whale game has now become a threat to teenages

    Everyone might be familiar with the game called 'Blue Whale' which had been seriously discussed over past few weeks. This game has now become a threat to our younger generation and many lives where taken by this. It is a natural tendency for a teenages to experiment things that are being banned out of curiosity. I am not entering into its details of how this game is played as almost all are aware by now. If any members know about it in depth can explain as a response here.

    So how in earth are parents supposed to stay calm while such terrifying applications are being made public? Recently a 16 year old boy was found dead at Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala because of this deadly game. It tempts children to play and later on hacks and compels to complete their entire 50 challenges proposed by the whale tutor. Even though their authorities are arrested, it's menace still prevails. Express your opinions about this issue.
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    Yes, this game (Blue Whale) has really become a threat. At least two deaths have occurred in India due to this game. The cyber police must stop this game. There is no other alternative. Along with this game, similar other dangerous games and obscene games must also be blocked.
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    Unfortunately some the new game apps are developed outside India and imposed in this country and our net users are always wanting to test new games of interesting nature and in that line blue whale game also falls which proved to be fatal for many even outside India. By the way why the teenagers must go for such games which are sure to test their life and put it in danger. Time and again the law enforcing agencies have been advising parents not to part with cell phones to the children of under age as they have no thinking ability as to what to watch and what to play in the cell phone.
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    There are some pervert minds who will misuse the science and technology and innocent youngsters or gullible people become their target. In internet there is no Govt monitoring or censoring agency which can curtail these dangerous apps. They thrive there nicely and it is only when their deadly nails strike the people then public awakens to the truth and the agencies like cyber police also start taking these things seriously.

    There are many such dangers in internet lurking out to play with the centiments of the children and exploit it.

    This is high time that international agencies, national agencies and public forums fight against these evils.

    Knowledge is power.

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