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    What is the use of Jandhan Khata if there is no money in it?

    One of the important activity carried out by BJP government after resuming their government is opening of 29 Crores Zero balanced accounts for the poor who have no bank accounts. BJP itself has advertised it as one of the success story of its government over previous governments. These poor people who can earn money which is not sufficient enough to have a sufficient square meals per day. Then what these poor people do with these accounts without any amounts in them. I have observed so many times these poor people thinking some thing is there in their account many a times come to banks and ask the bank officers to see any amount is there in their account. When bank people say in their account just Rs.20 or Rs.70 etc. you cannot get anything from that they simply walk away. Now the government also decides to remove all subsidies to all sections of people and then what is the use of these accounts? Do you think that these Khatas are meant only to create a hype for BJP government? Knowledgeable members illustrate the benefit of these khatas.
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    That is called zero-balance account. Even the zero balance accounts would get the benefit of two insurances (one life insurance and another accident insurance) from the Government. Moreover, any monetary benefit from the Government will be directly transferred to such Jan-dhan account without giving opportunity to the middleman to usurp a significant portion of it.
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    Jan dhan khata was basically designed to bring more people in banking net whether it was for direct depositing of subsidies or teaching the lower strata to use bank channels rather cash transaction. Govt has been successful in that endeavour to quite some extent.

    Once the people are exposed to bank facilities they will not hesitate in accepting cheque payment or online transfer. On that account this has been a great leap for Govt.

    Another thing is Govt has a direct monitoring for these accounts through computerisation and any misuse for fund transfer by rich people through these accounts will be noticed immediately.

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    My question what is its use for a poor fellow and not for the benefit of government and for its calculations. With no use for the poor and heavy burden for the banks to maintain these accounts what is the need for such programs?

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    I think no body properly listened to the Independence day speech of PM Narendra Modi in which he state good news on 1st of Jan 2018. May be all those new accounts opened during his regime be filled with some money as promissed by the PM earlier. He clearly stated that big amount of black money has been brought into the main stream of banking and over 28 lakh accounts have been under the scrutiny for black money transaction. So the government has been working and surely the those Jan Dhan zero balance account holders will be credited with some money for their faith shown to the government because 2019 is the election year.
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    Yes, Ramakrishna raised a good doubt regarding the Jandhan Khata where in banks when a customer has a minimum balance account the bank officials are imposing so many fines in order to maintain the account but now how can they maintain all these accounts it's a huge burden for them.
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    The aim is to include all in the banking fold and reduce cash transactions. This has become all the more important after the implementation of Direct Transfer of Benefits like subsidies, scholarships, various financial aids and compensations etc which are now to be credited to the beneficiary's bank account only.
    Though initially it may be only withdrawals of credits received, slowly when the people progress financially, they will get the banking habit and start saving also keeping balances in those JanDhan accounts also. That is what is precisely aimed.

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    Just have some calculations here. According to our PM Modi more than 3 lakh crore of black money has been recovered and put into bank use through the deposits made by different people. Normally a bank calculates interest on the deposits it has as the same bank also lends the money to the loan seekers and thus makes some profit. So even if 2 percent is earned on that big amount, the banks can make some cash transfers to all the Jan Dhan accounts irrespective of their affiliations to any party or leaders. This is what I am expecting and the action would be done on 1st Jan 2018.
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    All these accounts are zero balance accounts only, to the best of my knowledge. So there is no necessity of keeping any minimum balance. Second point to be noted is whatever money they get from Government in the form of pension, subsidy and other benefits will directly reach the concerned person. No middle men are involved. The account holder will have life insurance as well as accident insurance.
    Another point to be noted here is a bank account can inculcate the habit of saving. May be small amounts only. But savings is savings only. Another thought among the people is Government may distribute some money to all these account holders and that money will be transferred to these accounts only. Probably it will be done just before the next general elections which will act as a fetching point to the ruling party to get some votes.

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    I don't actually know about its real use but as far as I read from above mentioned responses by our members, if PM Modi had promised to deposit some amount in their accounts and succeeds to fullfil his words then definitely he deserves a big applause. It will be a great help for poor and backward people and thus the poverty of our country can be made to drop steadily. But even though money is provided its the duty of government to make all backward people aware about this and teach them the way to use it without building up doubts in their minds.

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