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    New trend in love stories.

    Hero loves heroine, she accepts him after a few emotional dialogues and scenes, they are in deep love but parents reject their love. They run away by interval and parents understand their love and accept it. This was a trend in movies at one point. Hero and villain love heroine, they fight till the climax and hero wins heroine. This was another trend. Now the trend has changed. Heroine loves her father above anyone else. He is her father, friend and inspiration. Hero who will be most of the time is a happy go lucky kind of person, who doesn't take his career seriously and has no goal in life falls in love with heroine. She seems very strong, confident, father's pet, and ambitious about her career. She doesn't even select a dress without her father's acceptance. Hero does some super sacrifices for heroine like uniting her friend with her lover or saving heroine from the hard core criminals and throws some emotional dialogues and at that moment heroine falls for him and her father is no where to be seen. The lovers go to the extent of teasing her father and at sometimes making fun of him or else they convince him with same emotional dialogues and at the climax they get married even if the hero is same reckless, stupid person who has no work or doesn't take life seriously. The real clown or fool in the story will be the person with whom the father plans the heroine's marriage. He will have everything good family, good job, good character except the emotional dialogues the hero has.Poor fellow. Movies like Cinema chupistha mama, Lakshmi Raave ma intiki and Nenu local belong to this category in which the father seems to have got utmost importance but actually is set aside by hero; and heroine who was portrayed as most confident becomes most senseless and selfish that she is ready to ridicule or go against her father whom she once treated as god. I just gave some names.

    Share some more such movies or the new you observed in movies recently.
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    From the narration given by the author, she seems to have made lots of research on making of Telugu movies with typical love stories which is sometimes boring to watch. What I understand that our producers and directors have run out of the thinking abilities and they are heavily banking on love stories of same stuff but with some technical excellence. Directors think that without love story, the films wont run. But they are wrong. People do connect to family entertainment movies on the lines of Hum Aapke Hain kaun in Hindi and Seethamma Vakitlo Serimalle Chettu in Telugu are the huge examples. One more bad trend has been happening in Telugu film Industry that they are copying the contents from Tamil hits and remaking the same with added stuff. But original is already viewed and enjoyed and the remake goes for the six.
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    I generally don't watch movies. So, I can't name different movies of the genre mentioned by the author of this thread. I can only suggest that whenever a girl romances/marries a wrong person (hero) in a movie, there should be the background music: "yeh umar hai kar le galti-se mistake, beta" (dear, it is your time to make mistake). This peppy song is from recently-released film 'Jagga Jasoos".

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    Moham sir you are right. But copying is not a new trend. Its been there since ages. I watch movies on Romedy now. Unlike other channels which telecast only science fiction and action Romedy telecasts romances, comedy, love stories knowing the real you dramas. While watching I observed that many Indian directors are copy cats. Be it Tollywood, Bollywood or any wood. At the same time there are Hollywood movies which were copied from Indian movies like the delivery man, divorce invitation, and just go with it. Its a two way traffic. Worst part is not copying but not acknowledging it. The song suggested by Partha sir is perfect. I saw the song.
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    The author has well narrated some of the common and a few new trends emerging in films now a days.

    There are various trends in love stories in different languages and countries. The story may differ from movie to movie but the emotions remain the same. The producers are looking for new dimensions in love stories to bring novelty as well as popularity for the movie. In this respect hollywood movie makers are a step ahead in experimenting even the most modern society trend or some futuristic trend. I have seen a movie in which the husband even after the divorce can not tolerate seeing his ex-wife to romance with some other guy. These peculiar trends are difficult to present and there is a constant threat of film not doing well at box office.

    These new trends are a welcome move as they give fresh and different movies to the audience.

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    The author narrated the trends in the movies very nicely. I feel she is also having the habit of seeing moves regularly like me. This is what is exactly happening in the movies. Hero fall in love with the heroine and heroine also loves the hero. But she don't want to move to foreign country where her boy friend settled. She don't want leave her father alone in India. Finally the boy has to come and make a house in her village to marry her. This is the story of a latest telugu movie.As mentioned by Mohan many remakes are coming and not at all impressive. Every friday almost 3 to 4 movies will get released. But at least one movie is also not watchable nowadays.
    But some very good movies are also getting released. New heros with their very simple acting skills are coming up and their movies are doing good at box office.

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    Love is blind, Love is divine such words are good and liked by every one including the lovers. But the pity is only for the parents as they planned something for them. To a known friend of mine arranged marriage for his daughter. The bridegroom was a software engineer and very popular person in a village near Tanjore. I went to the betrothal for that marriage which was solemnized in the bridegroom's place but wondered by seeing the arrangements as it was very grand with band music, crackers, flex banners etc., On the other side, the bride's side also he arranged well for the marriage by spending a huge amount. After the marriage they put the couples in nearby electronic city where the boy is working and have his own house there. But to the shock, the girl left the house by saying 'goodbye' to the boy and handover the 'mangalsutra' as she fell love in with somebody in her city during her college education. This was great shock for both parents and the father of bridegroom and mother of bride got paralytic attack. Is this love genuine?

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    Not at all. In the first place its not love at all. Mere selfishness. People like them should be given a life imprisonment. How can anyone be happy in thier by torturing thier parents. If she loves him that much and daring enough to run away with him she should have rejected for another marriage boldly. Why should she trouble so many people. Srinivas sir I saw the movie you mentioned. Its a good one that she hides her love on hero for the sake of her father whom she has been loving since she was a child. So she prepares herself to forget her new found love for the hero but poor girl she couldn't succeed. But as true love wins. She has both her father and soul mate in her life. It looks like a simple concept but it portrayed the essence father and daughter relation.
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    In recent tamil movies, I don't see much importance given to love sequences like first meet, struggling to start conversation, getting number, showing heroism or highlighting heroines' innocence etc. Now trending like, couple already got married and their maturity in understanding each other is portrayed as their love story. Example sethupathy, Vikram Vedha and Nibunan movies.
    As Mohan sir mentioned, Directors think that their movie will not hit without any love story. But I think, they are smart enough to use the right ratio of main content and love stroy . This is so obvious in recent kollywood detective stories. It also gives a message that these smart detectives/police could perform well because of their lovable personal life.

    The other trending love stories are couple known from childhood and they have implicit understanding about their love without any formal propasals.
    There are also recent movies shown the reality that all love story need not to have happy ending like mupparinamam, maragatha nanayam, meesaya murukku.
    In another movie Managaram, though that girl loves the guy, who was deep in love with her, she refused to tell yes to him, until he gets a job and was forcing him to take up responsibilities in life.

    So, from my point of view, I see movies coming up with matured love stories.
    In my point of view, Love potrayed in these

    PS: Sorry I watch more of Tamil movies. Even when I watch other language movies, I don't remember their names to refer here.

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    Srimathi I do agree that some of the Tamil Movies are very well made and you already mentioned few names. The Tamil movies have started the graphics in big way and that is now carried out widely in other languages. The fighting scenes are taken care off more minutely and that is the plus point in Tamil movies. But citing mass requirements and demands, the directors are keeping on circling over the same story pattern bur presented in more different way. If the editor and the music director of the movie can sync, they can create wonders even in the routine mill of story. Nevertheless the photography in recent Tamil movies are awesome and has some wow effects. The movies made in South are always envied and glad to see than films like Bahubali has now made the bench mark in Hindi movies too and the directors are forced to produce with that kind of technical excellence , otherwise Hindi audience would shift to South.
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    If love is true, it stays with us in all possible situations. That person will not make fun of the people we love, especially our parents. In movies, they portray what they want the viewer to see. Movie makers know what attracts the viewers, their audiences, so they make such type of films as well. Because they see people enjoying such stuff. There is one movie based on Alia bhatt "Student of the year", where you will see that the girl first love the guy (Varun dhawan), when she sees his behaviour not good and he is easily attracted towards other girls, she leaves him and starts falling in love with Siddhartha , the other actor in the movie. So, this is how film industry works. I have not watched any such movies as an example quoted by you. But I tried to explain to the best of my knowledge :)
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    Mohan Sir, You are right that Tamil movie industry is now evolving in big way. Nice that you mentioned their growth in all aspects other than love story too. you mentioned that, they still revolve around the same story but in different way. Actually I see that in good aspect. Instead of giving same story in same pattern, they try to give old wine in new bottle. We all know, what is happening around us in everyday, news channels talk about every single thing in detail, Story plots are taken from one of such incidents only. Sometimes, we know the climax too, still the way the direction and editing gives the new look to the known incident. I could feel that new look on recent Tamil movies.

    For example, I could refer Vikram Vedha again. the story plot is very normal. A loyal police vs a criminal. But the movie was differently directed and many critics mentioned that the movie is excluded from criticisms. Though people demand for new stories, they are good with known stories with new look. And Directors are also coming with new stories as well. That is also been appreciated.

    With respect to love part in stories, directors in recent days, think the other way. The story of the movie revolves around important social cause and love is just part of it.

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    After 'Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam", Aishwarya and Salman were the favourite choice of director Sanjay Lila Bhansali for his most ambitious project "Padmavati". But unfortunately he has to caste Deepika and Ranveer in it. We all know he has no choice because both the actors said no to the project as they don't want to work together again.
    So, This Is The Reason Why Salman Khan Rejected Movie 'Padmavati" With Aishwarya?

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