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    How to deal human nature

    we always compare things with our past and harasse ourselves, why can't we live in today? we are here to create history and not to repeat it.
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    It totally depend on whether you want to compromise or fight back with a situation. We have seen many people coming out like a champ when they choose to fight back and they succeeded in creating history. But as a human nature we tend to be in our comfort zone forever and that's the only reason of compromising things in our life. We don't want to take risk and trouble. We just want to be in situation because we are afraid of the result after taking action.
    First important thing to deal with human nature is that you will have to come out of your comfort zone because it is the greatest enemy of human. We need to strong minded and determined. You will have to take risk without caring the end result. Learn from failures and apply it in your next move definitely you will create history one day/

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    There is a very famous saying "Human nature is like water, it takes the shape of its container". Every human being have a mix blend of feelings and how you react to every other situation makes a person how they are. Some people are sensitive and they cannot handle tough situations, while some people are just like water they mold themselves to any situation they face in their life . Whether it is easy , it is tough, they get through them all. It depends upon the nature of the person , how they perceive every situation , thinking about past is never going to help, so forget it , worrying about the future is another pain , if you want to enjoy and make your future bright, give a harder attempt to your present , with proper dedication , you will end up being a really successful person in life.
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    Every human being is unpredictable because, we are having unlimited wants and we are not satisfied with what we got but yearn to have more comparing ourselves with others and comparing ourselves with previous past. It is the human tendency to probe the mistakes that occurred in past which was the reason or the setback for our formidable growth otherwise. There is nothing wrong to probe the past, but from that we must learn the lesson. What we normally do that we ignore the message got from the past mistakes and commit the same even in present situation and that is nothing but foolishness. One thing is sure, we might have made some achievements in past or must have initiated some good planning in the past, which started giving good results now. For that we must be ever grateful and be thankful.
    K Mohan
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    Don't think about future and don't worry about past and live in the present.
    We may be doing many tasks in our life. We always try to perform the best way possible for us and we want to be successful. But sometimes we may not be able to succeed. If we review our actions and correct it we will be successful. Instead of that go on worrying about your failure will lead you to other failures.
    So keep yesterday's failure aside. concentrate on today's goal. Otherwise you will fail in this also. Remember today is yesterday for tomorrow.
    Our human nature is like that if you forget past and concentrate on today your mind will also work on that . Instead of that if you think about yesterday your mind also will work on that only. you can't achieve anything today.

    always confident

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