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    The beauty of Educating our self to more mature.

    No students didn't stress about learning their lessons especially to those who are seniors. As usually in touch with our inner knowledge of interests, I know it's not impossible to commit the success we want to happen in our life. In today's generations, the modern society and mind of some people are also upgraded like the Technology :). The best thing about learning stay us connected, grow us, and glow us with the brightly tomorrow.
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    Education is a lamp which blooms not for a period of time but for our entire life. It is a souce of our enlightment. There is a saying also that Education makes the man perfect, otherwise there is no difference between us and animals. As we are getting educated day by day our progress is acheieved, not only this we get matured also. The approach towards life and problems changes very much.

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    In Tamil there is a saying, 'kan paarthu kai seyyanum' which means good handwork can be done by seeing through eyes. This is similar to implant training in industries. Collective group studies were there in those days but now the group in students is mainly for chatting and gossiping rather than education. We should get maturity by growing. Tamil Poet Avvaiyar told ' katrathu kaimannalavu kallathathu kadalalavu' which means what we learned is only up to our fist but unlearned thing is ocean level.

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    There is nothing better than learning on own and practicing the same on own. The learning must come from inside and it should not be forced or cannot be forced. In a class when the teacher is taking class, some would listen to her, some would take notes of what she is saying and some wont heed to the teaching at all. Now in a class when three kinds of people are present, one can imagine the out come in same way. Those who are listening to her can remember the lesson for long time, and those who are taking notes are the best as they can always refer to when they happen to forgot the lesson thus learned. And those who fail to hear what teacher said were lost.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Learning in life is a continuous process. The moment you born on the earth you will start learning and this process will stop only you stop breathing. Self learning is the best way to learn the things. You cn learn by observing others performing, by going through the books, earning to learned people or with your own experience in the life. The learning you got by virtue of your experience will be the best part. This is self learning.
    Unlike wealth, education will increase as you share it with others. Your knowledge can't be stolen away by anybody.
    So education is the one which makes your life grow and glow. The mother the knowledge you acquire, you are the person with higher maturity. Learning is stopped means , you are dead. Learning is continuous.

    always confident

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    Education is the basic need for mankind. We are human beings , we communicate, we prosper , and we grow. In order to have a happy and settled life , we learn . Beginning from the childhood till we become an adult , learning continues. The learning that we get from books is essential for the perspective of job and growth, but this learning also makes us who we are as a human. Their is ample amount of learning and teachings that we get from our parents in the form of manners , behavior, sanskaars, respect for elders, love for younger ones. These teachings shape us to be good human beings . So, learning is an inseparable part of our life. Maturity comes with everyday experiences.
    Do what inspires you !!

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    Do what inspires you !!

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