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    Quality or quantity- what matters you more?

    The other day, I saw two vendors selling guava in the market. The quality of guava in one of the carts was really nice. They were fresh and ripe while the quality of guava on the other cart was mixed; some were unripe while some were over-ripe and even rotten. However, the rates of the two vendors were different. The one selling fresh and ripe was charging a higher rate that the other one.

    There was a great rush near the second vendor and people were buying in much higher quantities while the first vendor had only a handful of customers.

    On being asked, one of the customers who had bought from the second cart said that it's the quantity that matters. The unripe ones can be kept for a few more days to ripe and the over-ripe ones can easily be used to make jam or jelly.

    Do you also think like that customer? What matters to you more; quality or quantity?
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    When ever you are particular about the quality then quantity should not be the target and asking. Like wise when you are interested in quantity , then do not expect quality. It is the business idea and tactic that those products or services which are inferior in quality are available in abundance and there would be lesser chance to grab the quality item out of the junk. For example when there is a sale of exported rejected items at a throw away prices, then you cannot expect a quality product there. Some where there would be compromise on size, shade, length or even the pricing.
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    Quality is more important. But we can't expect gold at the cost of silver. You should pay for the quality. What is the meaning of Quality? Fitness for the purpose. If we have to purchase a pen what are the points to be taken into account. It should write smoothly, less weight and should be easily accommodated in the pocket. But we need not worry much for the look. Pen is for writing. This is the primary use. This need is to be fulfilled. Then only we can go for that pen. If pen is looking good, very slim. attractive packing, but writing is not smooth. Are we going for it? No. A pen is very slim and writing is very smooth and weight is less. But packing is not appealing. Are we going for it? Yes.
    Like this for every product there are some implied needs and some stated needs. If both are meeting , we can say it is good quality item. In some cases there are may not b any stated needs but it should fulfil the implied needs.

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    The thing that matter the most while edible items are being purchased is definitely the quality because consuming such poor quality food can dramatically cause harmful side effects on ones body. The reason why many where purchasing from the second shop might be because they are not aware about how harmful it is or doesn't care about its quality. There may be another possibility that people who run hotels, restaurants, hostels etc where food is to be made in a bulk and supplied, in such case they won't give a damn on how well these are grown rather they just need higher quantity at lower rate. That is how they make profit. So for the sake of any family, quality should the given greater preference for a safe and healthy lifestyle of your loved ones.

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    Although I give more importance on quality, quantity can't be altogether neglected. As for example, 10 grams of 18 carat gold is always better than 5 grams of 22 carat gold, isn't it?
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    Ha! Ha! Ha! A good joke indeed! Bur Sir, I am talking about food stuff only.
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    I feel firstly everyone tries to get a thing where he can bet both quality and quantity. If it is not possible then one has to choose one of these. If you are going to a place where there are lots of people, then go for quantity as it will be cheaper. Also, cheaper does not mean that it will be that bad. It can be eaten as well. But if if is for a place where there are few people, then go for quality so that it is sufficient for everyone and at the same time tastier as well.
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    Nice explanation from Partha sir. When we are discussing about quantity and quality, everything has to be taken into account and he has bowled a Googly with his reply. I really enjoyed it.
    K Mohan
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