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    How to save yourself from animals when you spot them charging against you ?

    Human beings are always afraid of animals and animals are also afraid of human beings. But there are ways to save ourselves from the attack of animals. When a elephant is spotted coming your way, just kneel to the ground and the elephant cannot view you. When the dog barks and want to chase you, never try to run. It will bark for some time and keep quite. If the snake comes in front of you, allow it go through this side or that side and never obstruct its way. The snake wont do anything. Members can give their own tips as to how to safe guard ourselves from the possible attack of animals ?
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    So far as saving oneself from charging animals, umbrella is very useful. We can protect ourselves from charging dog, goat , cow or buffalo by using open and closed umbrellas. Old-timers will definitely agree. In earlier days, big, black umbrellas were used as means of protection.
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    We can make the barking dog silent by feeding him 2 or 3 dog biscuits. We can make the tiger silent by climbing on to a tree. We can keep mosquitoes silent by using odomos. So like this there are many points for each animal. Heros in cinemas can fight with lions and make them silent.
    It is a new point I learned from this thread is umbrella can be used as protection tool.

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    This is what I like at ISC. When we raise a question, some other information which is relevant and useful is shared and that would be a tutorial for us. Thanks Partha sir.
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    The best way to escape from an animal is to run in a zigzag manner. It confuses the animal.

    I wonder if we can hide from an elephant's view by going down on our knees! It debunks the theory that the top view is a vantage point. Also, elephants have an excellent sense of smell ( I heard) and if they cannot see you they can definitely smell you.

    In the wild, animals attack when they are with their young or if you venture too close to where their babies are. They also attack when they feel threatened. When confronted with a wild animal it is best to move away, without showing your back to the animal.

    Making loud sounds also scares away most animals. Clap loudly, cup your mouth and let out a loud cry, beat on a metal piece – these are said to work.

    The most important tip is to not panic. Check the YouTube video - Grizzly bear and cubs chase hiker in Alaska.

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