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    Feeling vibation inside while moving into the temple

    I am at Madurai for some work by residing in my brother's house. Though it is my native and birth place and visiting many times, I am seeing the city as a new one. Today I went to Sri Meenakshi Temple for darshan of Goddess Meenakshi. I have no mental stress or anything but with real interest I entered into the temple. For security purpose there is a strict cheking in the entrance of the temple (all four sides, this temple is a huge one and have four great entrances in all East, west,south and North). There are many visitors including foreigners in the morning hours but not so much crowd. However they asked te visitors to come in long fenced queue. When I entered into the temple some visitors (only Indians) commented about the checking and long fenced queue as they are wasting the time. For this a foreigner (by understanding his comment, though told in tamil)replied that the security for such temple is needy one as it receives many crowd daily, the protection is necessary. I felt ashamed by his reply as our people do not know the basic one comparing to a foreigner who respects our culture. when I entered into the shrine of Goddess Meenakshi I felt vibration inside me. That time also I remembeed a saying of a foreigner once when he was given the viboothi in the Lord Sundareswara sannidhi. He told that he got some vibration immediately on getting the viboothi in his palm. I spent two hours in the temple with much satisfaction this time though I visited this temple many times from my childhood and college time. I just felt the basic reason of such construction of temples and by heart I saluted the King Thirumalai Naick, who have constructed the temple.
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    I have heard some devotees having similar feelings when they visit ancient temples. The exact reason is not known to me. It may be real vibration caused by the chanting of mantras and shlokas, ringing of bells, due to vastu or due to movement of many people at a time.
    I am curious that the author has had similar sensation. I hope that he would describe his feelings with more details.

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    Tamil Nadu is the temple state where we find most of the 108 divya deshams or the temples of importance as per the Puranas and vedics and this Madurai Meenakshi temple is one among them. In our culture there is a saying that a statue or the God for that matter gets automatic power and giving of boon feature when the people pray and respect the Goddess in large numbers. That is the reason being so temples like Tirumala Balaji, Ranganathar Temple at Tiruchi, are world famous for their vibrations and immense satisfaction to the devotees. I appreciate the foreigners visiting this great temple and respecting our rich culture and heritage.
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