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    Life happens only once.

    Life happens only once, but how to make it and how to live it, is completely in our hands. We are the creator of our own destiny. We decide our path, our destinations. We try to make it as happy as we can but sometimes we face such scenarios that the things get completely worse, it happens the most when we lose our loved ones, the ones who survives in our heart. In such situations, we lose hope and mind completely, because of the emotions and attachment, the love and affection we get from that person, who no more will be with us. The sorrow and pain of that creates a big hole in the heart. But life continues to go its way, it makes its people to learn their own lesson. The lesson of struggle, to move forward, the lesson to judge people, the lesson to be independent and have the courage to bear the pain. In the midst of this learning, people face gradual emotional changes and learn to become stable. Life is a teacher, which has its own way of teaching its students i.e the human beings. Never lose hope, because hope is that ray which leads to the path of success. If we learn to follow this ray, we can reach greater heights in life. We just need to be patient and keep moving and learning. Always be with people who have a positive attitude and motivates others, because such people will always try to find a positive meaning even behind a negative thought or response. Always be self motivated in life, its very helpful . Life is a gift, live it well and love it completely.
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    In fact we are all greatly indebted to the God for this great life , but we try to live for ourselves without understanding the sorrow and needs of the others. During our life we are confronted with emotional persons, caring persons and concerned people who are worried about our welfare and well being and if they depart from us, that will be the great loss for us and feel like robbed of every thing from us. But we can always over come the situation and try to adjust our living with the positive attitude of that departed soul who was the instrumental in making us the human being. Nothing is better than the self motivation. Mind it, when you are at good times, people will come and mingle with you , and when you are in trouble times, they single out you. So be the self made person which is always good and better way of living.

    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    According to Hinduism, a human being has to take birth many a time before attaining 'Moksha'. After attaining 'Moksha', he/she is not required to come back to the earth again.
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    The hard lessons we learn in our life will make us stubborn and strong. Life is a gift of God to us to live to our best. We are the designers of our life. God has given everything in the universe. But how you utilise is your prerogative. Nobody wants to have any sufferings in their life and they want to enjoy. But certain things are bound to happen whether we like it or not. Sometimes we take these things to our heart and start worrying even though we know nothing is in our hands. In these situations only we have to look up to our people who are positive in their approach and we should follow them. It will help us to forget our difficulties and put us back on rails so that we will reach bigger destinations in our life. Sorrows and happy events are the two sides of a coin. When you spin a coin either way it may fall. It is natural. If times it is sorrow, if you stop spinning the coin there is no further life. So this should not happen. We should take anything positively only and move forward.
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    we are siting in the examination hall before the question paper, we know the time limit is three hours and we do our best to avail the pass marks first and try to get more marks within the stipulated time. Similar to this, our human birth, according to the spiritual line,is last birth out of eighty four lakhs of birth and death cycle. In this human birth only we can have chance of attaining moksha, that is no next birth. For this we, the human should aware the importance of the human birth and should search the way for moksha through a Guru. It is good to do good deeds in this human birth but there will be a next birth to at least enjoy the benefits of the Good deeds and if we do evil deeds in this birth definitely we should come in this world to get the punishment for the evil deeds but that birth may be any of again eighty four lakhs. That is we are in the last stairs of ladder of life cycle, if we understand the situation and do the needful, we can go up otherwise we will fell down to any stairs or even to floor. That to the span of life is determined but not known to us, so our cautious to realize the time gap is necessary. Most possibly we should not do any evil deeds to not to get punished though the next birth. In this birth only we can study or learn how to realize ourselves as no plants, animals or birds can do and without casual thought we should take up this life and lead this life with beneficial way that too for our own beneficial way that is no next birth.

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    Very thought provoking thread. This life is only one chance given to us by the creator of mass and energy in this universe. We do not know who he is and to avoid confusions believe that it is the handiwork of almighty God.

    Anyway once this chance is given to us along with our social, cultural, geographical and financial boundaries we have to live it in the best possible way we can.

    The essence is that it should not go waste. At the fag end of our life we should not feel that we have done nothing or we did some wrong things which we should not have done. Leading a good life is an art which very few people know and those who know it are the privileged ones.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I am really glad to see so many responses, response with everyone showcasing their own thoughts about life and how to make it more wonderful and real. All of you all responses made me learn something new related to every aspect of life. How to make out best we can, got to know about how one can achieve moksha. Then there was the thought by Ramachandran Sir on how we should follow a Guru to find the way to Moksha and understand the importance and purpose of human birth. The learning is definitely the same on the art of living a healthy life, a life which possess learning in it. A life which makes us understand the true purpose of mankind. I thank everyone for the teachings.
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