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    Remove my temporarily restriction in job section

    Dear Editors (Job Section)
    As you know, I am regular contributor of ISC Specially Jobs section, I upload about 10-15 latest jobs every day with proper format. But due to duplicate posts, 5 or more of my posts rejected in last 5 days, my posting rights in this section is temporarily restricted. Duplicate posts may be possible in job sections because most of my co- contributors contribute similar jobs which are the based on web research and sometimes we post same jobs by mistakes.

    I therefore request to Editors (Job Section) that kindly remove my restricted as soon possible

    With best regards
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    In my view, similar jobs may not be problem but problem comes when you and other post same jobs of some college/university. Same job, same time can be considered as duplicate post by Google and hence can't be ranked for same college/university. Because these days Google mostly allow one page from one website to rank on top 10 pages.

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    The job section appears to be the most lucrative as far as the AdSense revenue is concerned, and yet I desist from posting in this section, for the following reasons –

    1. I honestly think that a lot of time is wasted in searching the site to check if a job has already been posted (I have posted only 2 jobs)
    2. I feel my effort will go to zilch if someone posts the same job in the time that I am creating the post – there is always a chance of the job not being posted when I checked, but of it being posted subsequently

    Can a system, similar to what is followed in the 'contest threads' be practised in the job section. Where members can submit the titles of the jobs they are going to post that day. This will allow them to block the job notifications and avoid the unnecessary duplication of posts.

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    Phagu being a senior member and you are making job posts since years should know very well what kind of jobs are not allowed at ISC firstly duplicate job posts are not allowed not now but since the inception of the section at the site.

    I think you made a query with an answer to your own query, you should have checked properly to find out whether the same job post is already made but failed to do so cost the posting rights temporarily.

    Being senior members we should understand guidelines are made for the betterment of the site better always to adhere to that rather than facing such temporary restrictions.

    Temporary restrictions imposed once a member made 5 duplicate job posts in the last 5 days.

    Your suggestion is good to follow the pattern of contest entries but the main problem is members who are regular job posters are coming online in different times in a day further if a member search and makes all the important post links early in the day but fails to make all the posts in time then other members deprived of making those job posts.

    As per my observation only school teaching job posts have competitors here not for other category of job posts.

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    Thanks to Remove my temporarily restriction. I will try to posts according to adhere guideline
    Phagu Mahato
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