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    Why girls are portrayed as kit and kaboodle for business marketing ?

    It is true that girls are the resemblance of beauty and everyone will definitely point out their concentration on a beautifully women when portrayed. It is actually a psychological move so as to drove one's attention to it. What is the real cryptic behind this and why male characters are used rarely. Just look around and think on your own, the whole world is running behind money and they reach out their limits

    Take the case of the newly established mobile company named 'Phone4'. They used the famous Bollywood actress 'Sunny Leone' as a centre of attraction and invited her for inaugural ceremony. The result turned out to be highly immense as a hell lot of people had stacked infront of the shop. How else can one advertise their new venture. This is just one among the examples that you can witness from your day to day life. So how do you exemplify this thread. Respond here your opinions with relevant experiences that you had.
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    It is a marketing strategy and one that works.

    Take the instance that you mentioned, the one involving Sunny Leone. The whole affair received extensive media coverage. The huge crowd that gathered to the actress is proof that glamour sells. The event or rather the huge gathering at the event was also covered by NDTV. The anchor did not speak of the phone launch as such, but more about the crowds that Sunny Leone's presence at the venue was able to draw. There was also mention of her tweet, which she sent out after seeing the massive crowd. The crowds were there to see the woman not the commodity on sale. So, what does it say about the people?

    Surprisingly, the newspaper that I subscribe to has also covered the news. It's on the front page – as if the event is worthy of being on the front page.

    To answer your question of why women are used – it tells you a lot about the audience. Businesses want a market for their products and they use women as a strategy, to lure the consumers, to get a hold over the market. However, I think intelligent consumers do not fall prey to these tactics.

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    Another interesting move done by Phone4 was that all those who purchases their mobile worth 40,000rs and above can enjoy a dinner with the actress. That is called real business.

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    That is a marketing strategy as Juana has said and I don't think there is anything wrong in it. If the popularity of a celebrity (call it actress) can be used as an advertisement tool and her presence can be used to ensure presence of maximum crowd, can we blame those who had invested their money into some business. It is the returns that matter for them and they will look at the best options available. It is not only with the phone shop you are referring to, it is always so with every advertisement because that is what can attract your attention and make you register their products. To buy or not to buy something is something entirely about individual choice. If someone chooses to buy a phone from that shop just because it was inaugurated by Sunny Leone, then he should be the one to be blamed; not the owners or the lady.
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    There was near-stampede situation in Kochi. That is entirely justified because everybody wanted to have a glimpse of Sunny Leone, the great actress. The phone she promotes is secondary!
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    Even I completely agree with the view that it is a marketing strategy to do so. Involving any actor or actress in even a simple advertisement, influences its market value in a greater way. Business runs on profit and loss. Every businessmen in order to earn and have a profit will try out ways to sell his market products. Large scale companies chose celebrities as brand ambassadors for their products, as they know that it will increase the business value of their products. Women are chosen for all this at max because in our country looks are given the first and foremost preference to have name and fame , this can be considered a drawback that inspite of the intelligence people look forward to appearance. Not necessary that everyone lacks it, but yes most of all have same consideration.
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    It is human tendency especially in males to get attracted towards girls and ladies. If a girl approaches a person definitely chances of getting a positive response is very high. But at the same the reverse is not true. So calling celebrities that to female celebrities is a marketing strategy nowadays. Otherwise using a person with lot of fan following is another way. If we call a swamiji to open a cell phone shop the turn out will be very less. Instead we call a local actor or actress, the turnout will be huge. So these business people try to get them for all the functions. Even in small towns this has become a trend now. They will invite a celebrity for even opening a smallcollege function also.
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