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    Question regarding copied content and DMCA

    I need clarification on a few points -

    I find a couple of my articles posted on other people's blogs. Snippets from some of my articles are posted as responses in Quora.

    1. I filed DMCA complaint with Google for the posts on Blogger/Blogspot. It has been a few days, but no action has been taken so far. How long does Google take to remove the copied content? Do I need to send a reminder?
    2. Regarding Quora, do I file a DMCA complaint with Google or is there another platform that addresses such issues on Quora.
    3. I also found an article, shared as a link, on an American Website. The Web page has links to various other sites that cover topics relevant to an American audience. Clicking on the link brings me to my article on ISC. Is it alright to allow the link to be shared there (done without my approval)?
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    Dear Juana

    Please find my answers for your queries
    1. Filing a DMCA complaint with Google will only help to remove the index result from Google Search result (SERPs). It will not affect the blogspot/blogger until the author/owner of the blog removes it. Google can disable the blog only if there are multiple complaints against the same.
    In this scenario, please attempt to contact the blogger to take down the copied article.

    2. Regarding Quora, you should contact them at to take down the article from their website. Additionally, filing with Google will help to de-index the result from Google. You may want to also approach 2 - 3 other search engines for better end results.

    3. I will suggest to let your link(s) be present on the American website. Such links even if given without your consent will help improve the SERP appearance of your article. You may not get benefit if the link is attributed with NoFollow tag. But it would still be beneficial to have the link from a different part of the world.

    Hope I am able to answer some of your queries. Please feel free to ask any further queries regarding the same issue .

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    We already filed so many DMCA application to google in last two weeks, Only once they revert us with accepting one of the DMCA application and the remaining one's are still in pending status. So please wait for it.

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    Thank you, for your responses and suggestions. I have left a request on the blog, asking them to delete the content, but haven't received a response yet.
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