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    Learning from elders in the house is good for children

    I am wondering and worrying by seeing that many of the present younger generation where the simple and basic things are lack in them. In many houses parents are letting free in all respects as if they are giving freedom and not disturbing them from the study by giving domestic works. In those days we learned many things through our parents and grand parents practically. We learned how to remove stems from banana flower, how to cut individual vegetables accordingly. My grand father took me to the post office and ave practical idea of collecting stamps, post cards, and how to send a registered post, how the acknowledgement card is to be tied,how to send Money order etc., (exactly speaking I just remember today when I gone to the same post office after 52 years). Now I read in a magazine (letters from readers portion)that a college finished girl was puzzling how to fill up a challan to deposit cash for her mother. A boy of my relative (who finished his B.Tech and doing Ph.D in USA) does not know the difference between a palm tree and coconut tree when he came to his native city.
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    Nice post from the author. The parents are just spoon feeding the children without exposing them to the reality of life. I do agree with the author that today's generation may be good at studies and even be ranker and when it comes to managing the house hold chores , they are zero. The other day I had been to my friends place and by the time I went , he already left for a urgent work along with his wife and his only daughter was there in the house. I sat for few minutes and inquired about her studies. She sought to excuse her that though she want to offer me a cup of tea or coffee , but she was not aware of how to do it. I said never mind and left the place.
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    I completely agree with your views Mr. Ramachandran, the reason for why the environment is like this today, because the act of responsibility and having a good understanding of things is missing these days in children. The fact is that children are more career oriented these days, that they hardly care for other things well. Everybody wants to excel in their area. In order to achieve that, they even sometimes land up losing the responsibility of things. Even parents have the same thought considering their child. Due to urbanization and globalization, everybody is trying to change themselves seeing others. Poeple in order to modernize themselves are getting away from the healthy way of living and they do not teach their children the task of responsibilty because parents are themselves busy and occupied most of the times. They do not even get time to think about how they need to nourish their child and the outcome is the same.
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    You are 100% right. Learning from our elders is like learn with fun. And the knowledge they give is practical but now-days it is missing. Today is the world of nuclear families where everyone is busy with his/her work. One has to be on toes from morning to noon so, no time left for children. If something we teach them, then we have no time to teach or guide them how to apply. As a result our children are misguided or confused. To prevent such situation we must try to live in a joint family with love and care.

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    We cannot expect new generation to follow the life pattern which our generation used to follow. I am a grand father. I notice the difference in my grand child's attitude towards various issues faced on everyday. She is very often copying the characters appearing in cinemas or programmes appearing in various channels. Her language itself is copied from these screen models. She does not to stand up and receive a guest. She forgets to respect elders. Like that the changes can be noticed.
    We are trying to make her understand how one should behave in different occasions. Because of such instructions changes are noticed. So what I feel is that we, the seniors must take efforts to make changes in the behaviour of the next generation.


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    The best lessons that a child can learn from a parent or a parent can teach a child are lessons in honesty, compassion, truthfulness, diligence, strength, confidence, belief in self, humility, the value of education, love, courage, determination, caring and sharing etc. These are values that define individuals and help them pave their way in life.

    These lessons always have and always will remain the most important lessons in life. Parents who teach their children these core values, in my view, are great parents.

    A child might not know how to prepare a cup of tea or recognise one palm tree from another, but that in no way means that the parents have not done a good job, raising the child. I question the ethics of those who point a finger at the parents. Your moralistic views are based on your limited view of right and wrong. You criticise someone else's upbringing – is it the right thing to do?

    A child does not necessarily have to know how to make tea, but the child should be honest and determined. Similarly, a child does not have to be able to differentiate between plants, but must definitely have career goals.

    Don't get me wrong, but I think children have to be taught the real important stuff that can actually help shape their life. People eventually learn how to make tea and chop vegetables. These are not skills that will get you success.

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    A child has to learn from his /her parents the moral values. They should learn how to behave with elders, how to respect them, what good manners and ethical value are. Earlier days grandparents and parents used to say stories from famous epics and through those stories morals of life are conveyed. Children's attitude will get changed by hearing these epics and they are inculcating all good habits.
    But these days the children are not even caring for parents forget about grandparents. They feel that they know everything and whatever we teach is a trash. They feel that they are the masters. Some children don't even talk to a guest who visited his house after a long time. They feel talking to him is a waste of time and continue chatting with his friend on phone. This is how the system and habits are getting changed.
    So seniors should take time and see that their wards will know the dood manners and attitude.

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    The mind of a child is like a blank slate. He absorbs the things which he sees and his behaviour is a reflection of the behaviour of his elders with him.

    If elders are intelligent they can train and guide the children in a desired direction. Children will try to mimic what their elders are doing whether it is good or bad.

    A family where intelligent and wise elders dwell is very fortunate in the sense that the children need not go to outside for learning various knowledgeable things.

    Knowledge is power.

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