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    Enigma land: Brainteaser for geniuses

    Hello ISCians,

    Welcome to Enigma land were challenges are fired to test your intellectual and aptitude skills. There will be a question along with a hidden clue and active minds are invited to solve them out here as early as possible. Members are supposed to explain the reason behind your conclusions. It's answer will be revealed few days after submission of the thread. Do partipate in the challenge and unlish the real genius in you.

    Q) Assume that 7 webs were made by 7 spiders in 7 days. Then, how many days do a single spider need to make 1 web ?

    (Hint: Answer is an odd number and is less than third multiple of 5)
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    Answer: As per the given rate, 1 spider makes 1 web in 07 days.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Let, 1 spider make 1 web in
    x days.

    More spiders, fewer days (Indirect proportion)
    More webs, more days (Direct proportion)

    Hence we can write as:
    (spiders) 7:1 :: X:7
    (Webs) 1:7

    7 x 1 x 7 = 1 x 7 x X

    So the answer is 7

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    The answer is so simple. This question does not require any genius mind. You better come up again with some tricky question.
    By the way the answer is 7 days.

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    I spider I web in 7 days.
    One towel takes 2 hours in the open to dry. How much time 7 towles take in open to get dried. My answer is 2 hours. Do you say it is correct or not.

    always confident

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    I came with somewhat easy question so as to check how the members would respond to this challenge. Hopefully will come up with some higher level brainteasers.

    I appreciate all those who have responded here and everyone seems to conclude the same answer. Yes, 7 is it's answer. Applause to Neethu for coming up with such relevant proof. I was not testing the answer that you say rather I wanted to test ones ability to exemplify the reason behind one's conclusion.

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