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    With the advent of Technology can we overcome no signals and voice distortion in cell phones?

    As there is an advanced Technology in the world as the cell phones or cellular Network still work with microwave transmissions as satellite sends signals to towers as the tower picks up the transmitter and receiver signals as there are many backdrops of using microwave transmission methodology in transmitting and receiving signals if the towers are obstructed by mountains or trees or may be heavy rain there will be huge signal loss, as a result, there is a voice distortion or we will have weak signals or no signals.With the advent of Technology can we overcome no signals and voice distortion in cell phones?Can our cell phone directly contact with satellites without any mediators(Towers)?
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    Well, it's impossible to be independent of these signals because without them we can't converse. But we can think of strengthening these signals. Most easiest and practical solution is installation of more towers. But now there's this arrangement of signal hotspot. In future we maybe able to send each other signals. By this sharing network, there will be no "no signal " problem.
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    Yes, I think so that in upcoming days we will be able to directly contact with the satellites without any mediators. The speed at which technology is making advancement we have come across many new innovations which seemed impossible earlier but science made it real. Even no one would have imagined 20 years back that we will have so much easy to information through internet. No one would have imagined that a single smartphone will have so many features from camera, music, video playback, playing high end games to easy access to internet. But we know its a reality now and we are expecting more and more in upcoming days.
    So, right now receiving signals directly from satellites may seem impossible but I am sure human intellectuals will make it real some day.

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    Anything is possible in this technically advanced world. Technology proved to be very useful for the common man. In my childhood days when I come out of my house till I come back I don't know what is happening in the house. But now with the advent of these smart phones, internet, we can have a live commentary about our moments outside to the people in the house.
    So definitely a day will come when we can directly with the satellites without any mediators. Even now there is lot of improvement in the signals and communications. By increasing the towers further they may improve further.

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    A satellite telephone, satellite phone, or satphone which can directly communicate from Satelite.
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    Signal to noise ratio is always a concern in any communication industry. Everywhere it is required to have a good signal strength and low noise level.

    With new satellites in place and other technological advancements the data transmission through transmitters and repeaters in addition to improvement in the quality of the receiving devices it is expected that noise levels will be suppressed futher.

    The minimum inherent circuit noise levels may also come down with sophisticated electronic filter elements and new inventions in this area.

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